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    Do you love to see Mr.Modi's government to ban liquor completely from all the states of India?

    One of the bad culture prevailing in India is consuming liquor by poor and rich of the society on daily basis. This culture is still spreading even into students and well educated. Actually it spoiling the lives and families of poor people. Many people are dying due to road accidents because of the drivers of the vehicles are consuming liquor. Mr. Modi introduced 'Swacch Bharat' taking cue from Mahatma Gandhi. Mr. Nitish Kumar introduced ban on liquor in his state recently. Already there is ban of liquor in several other states like Gujarat, Nagaland, Manipur, Lakshwadeep. But in many other states of India governments encouraging liquor sales for their tax benefits of the states. Even though prohibition of liquor occurs as prerogative of States policy, Indian government has to intervene to ban liquor from all States to make the people of India healthy. What is your opinion folks?
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    Yes, its a very good decision if India's Governments takes to ban liquor in all states. Governments are doing this policy only for tax benefits. They does not want to care about the people who consuming alcohol. Can anyone get the logical reason in my query i.e. why should i consume liquor? I do not think, anyone can give a answer with logistic.

    I have seen alcohol destroy peoples lives and tear families also. In India there several examples, who died in road accident after consuming liquor. Its have a main cause of family problems. If some group is adopting this and calling its a sign of their culture, then we should ask to leave , saying the effective after consuming it.

    Now a days we have seen, younger takes alcohol to transform their lifestyle in early stage. But after takes day by day, they are addicted on alcohol. Its the cause more and more young drinkers are facing serious health risks including drunk driving accidents, liver failure, and other diseases.
    So to save the life of people and also the family members, Government should ban the liquor in all states in India.

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    Wow the thought itself is very good to read and cherish, but I fear the reality would be too far to achieve and implement. Why because there are many states their main income is from the sale of liquors as they do not have other source to produce money for the state exchequer. More over the liquor barons have their firm establishments spread all over the country and they are the main donating people to the various political parties. Today If Vijay Mallaya is not being caught in spite of he owing 9000 crores to banks means, he has heavily bribed the parties during the elections and made use of his high connections to get the things done easily. So thinking of total ban across the country would be distant reality , but having seen the guts of our PM Modi in these three years on important issues, even this can be possible.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    It will be very good if the central government take the subject into their fold and ban liquor all over India. The government can save many poor people who don't have food to eat but spoil the money in drinking the liquor.
    Earlier days very few people are drinking especially in the educated communities. But now it is spreading to students, ladies and middle class people also. Drinking in the house was not accepted in many house in earlier days. But now families are sitting together and drinking.
    As mentioned by the author some states have banned liquor. But not all states. Because of this people are able to go to borders of the states and drinking and combing back. Many people are selling liquor by unofficially bringing from neighboring states and making money. They sell at very high prices.
    Many people are driving after drinking and making accidents. They are putting themselves as well others at a risk.
    If central government can prohibit drinking all over the country many people will give away this habit and families struggle will reduce. A good suggestion by author

    always confident

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    It will be a great step by Govt to ban the liquor in all the states. We very well know the negative things it has brought in the society. Many people are suffering because of consumption of this evil product.

    It has done harm to everyone and specially to younger generation who are wasting their prime years of life in such vices.

    Many people are misusing liquor for getting their work done. They will offer the liquor to a person from whom they want to extract some favour. Once intoxicated they will pursue him and get the things done. Similarly many other misuse of this liquid are being done in society.

    Only thing after the ban Govt has to keep a vigilant eye on illegal country liquor and its clandestine distribution network otherwise the whole exercise of banning liquor will be futile.

    Knowledge is power.

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