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    Need children be sent to schools once they attain a particular age.

    It is the well accepted system followed in almost all countries that the children are sent to schools once they attain the age around 5. But there are a very few parents who do not enrol their kids in any school. They are given basic education by the parents themselves and afterwards allow them to learn themselves. They do.not go after any degree or qualifications. They find out their own methods for a living. Naturally they learn through experiences.
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    Of course children should be enrolled in school. You can give them the basic education and they might learn things on their own but to earn a living without any educational qualification is way too hard. Even if one gets a job, it won't be a very good one. It's not only about jobs; in school one learns about a lot of other things; it help in developing their social and many other skills. If a kid does not attends school, he will lag behind the other kids of the same age. No matter how good of a parent you are, in this time it is not possible to nurture a kid without schooling.
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    I would like to know which society in our country is following the practice of educating themselves without schooling.
    Almost all countries of the world have educational system established for many years, where all Governments spending millions and millions to educate new generation
    Through education system only people are taught not just what to think but how to think.
    The purpose of education is to make a person a competent thinker whereby the person can attain independence and make a difference in the world for improvement.
    Our current education system is rigged. It doesn't mean that we should not follow the system.

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    As the standard of education has been increased keeping in view the changes made at by the Central government in the portions of every class from L Kg, it has become imperative for the parents to send the kid at 2,5 years to the play school , so that school going habit is inculcated and by the time the kid reaches 3,5 age, he is in nursery and in that class itself , he is made to write on the books and finger grip is made compulsory on how to write in books is being introduced. Gone are the days when up to 5 th class we used to write on slate and not allowed to write in books. Now 10 kg of books has to be taken daily on the backs by the tiny tots and they are well prepared for the bigger classes, But what I suggest that instead of punishing the young ones with lots of books, let the education be through digital class rooms, so that writing part would be minimal and observation and understanding of the subject could be more.
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    It is true that many people earning their livelihood without any education. Especially in our country many illiterates are there and they are also earning and living. Education is not a must for living and earning. But they living standard and living methods will improve as you become more educative. As mentioned by the other earlier days kids were admitted in schools only after completion of 5th year. But there is a change parents are trying send their wards to schools at a lower age also. That is giving lot of stress to these small kids. I feel it is proper to admit student after completing 4th year.
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    Sending the children to school when they attain a particular age is an established thing as it is difficult to train them in so many attributes of life within the four walls.

    In the modern society it appears impossible that a person can make a career without going to school. There may be exceptions from very poor families who could not afford to send their children to school and they started to work here and there small manual jobs and later converted to daily labourers.

    Anyway in todays context formal education is must and the child should additionally learn other things also in school like socializing, group activities and sports.

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    In my view children adapted the system of education from 1st std are/were brighten up in all sectors.Once the the lkg,ukg introduced the avar city of engineering employment,chaka in educational sector creemos ore ana ore.In the guess of novel tu,modern ivarin the children birds med more.Our parents and people running the future of our country

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