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    In collectivist countries, is mother's role treated as a major than father?

    Many modern experts that parenthood is a joint responsibility. But, the people with traditional ideas still tend to think that mother plays a major role is shaping a child. If the child is spoiled, then the mother is blamed, but nobody realizes the bundle of responsibilities, a woman is bestowed. Still, all the woman of our country are not educated and hence not working. Yet, on becoming mother, some of them quit jobs. The elders of the home yet think that a man's duty is to get finance and woman's work is to perform household chores and look after children. Here, a man should also play a role of caring children after returning home and relaxing for sometime. A children that is cared by both parents and elders becomes a happy and a confident child.

    How should the primitive-minded people be convinced that both parents play a role in shaping a child?
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    In this modern era we cannot single out mother or the father alone to take the family further on daily basis. Both must work together to earn and see that the family is progressing without debts and shortage of wants. I have seen there are many house holds who are qualified and yet remains in the home and earns some decent money by stitching fashionable garments, making toys, making ornaments of modern demand and thus some good income is assured from the work from home culture itself. This kind of forward looking attitude from the better half will certainly help the husband on family maintenance as he need not worry about petty expenses. Now a days earning for daily life and saving some money for future exigencies has become important and for that every couple has to plan for the jobs and also take family responsibility jointly.
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    For a kid both mother and father are important. They want to play with both. No father should think that the house responsibility is of his wife's only. If a child is not doing good means the parents are not taking care properly. We can't single out either mother or father.
    A kid who is treated well by both the parents will have a good future. Mother should see that the kid is doing well in the house and not wasting time. Father should try to tell the child about good, bad and their differences. He should teach and train the kid in the subjects so that the child will understand the topics better.
    There is a lot of change now. Fathers are also helping their wives in domestic front and mothers are helping their husbands in having a good and planned finances. Earlier days I used to see ladies going out with the child in her hand and a bag in the other hand where as her husband will be walking without having any luggage or child in his hands. But nowadays I see the ladies are giving the children to father. Father is walking with child in one of his hands and a wheel bag or wheeled suitcase getting pulled by him with the other hand. The wife will be accompanying him without any weight in her hand.

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    It is really bad as well as sad that all the responsibility of the child is given to the mother. In fact mother will do her share even if you tell her not to do any thing. She has a natural affinity to her offspring and who will love a child more than his mother?

    Generally male members believe that they are the bread earners and more than that they will not share any household chorus what to say of looking after the baby.

    This is a wrong concept. Helping the houselady in petty jobs and looking after the baby in spare times is going to increase the happiness and joyful atmosphere in the house. It is only after practicing that one can realize this fact. A father having no responsibility towards household activities is an emotionless partner which in many cases leads to unnecessary serious and unhappy environment in the family which is never desirable.

    The discussion above is not to pursue or force the father of a family to do extra work but to get him realize that he is an important member of the family and his warm contribution is required for the overall growth.

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    Generally speaking in countries like India the mother is described as a symbol of patience and the mother is more affectionate on the children than a father. That is because in our country the fighting of mother in law and daughter in law exists rather than father in law-daughter in law dispute

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