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    Is it ok to write Essays as article in article forum?

    I am planning to write essays. Is it ok to write essays in article section?
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    Raj my appreciation to you for having interest on essays and your eagerness to share the same in article section. You are always welcome to do that. As long as you follow the rules and regulations and posting guidelines of this site, there is no stoppage to share as such. But please make sure that the essay is made by you in original format , and not resourced from some other sites, and see that the essay would be rich in content and give apt heading so that net users should read your essay once indexed by the Google. Since you are going to write the essays on your own , there are every possibility to make it more presentable with some real life experience and also some happenings around us and that would make the essay more interesting. And while ending the essay give your own opinion of thought in it.
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    Articles are nothing but essays of original nature. It is not just reproducing from other sources. Very well, one can accept ideas from other sources. Digest such ideas before putting into black and white. There must be an originality in the approach. A reader must feel an attraction towards your write up.
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    Yes Raj, we accept essays. I suggest you submit only one initially, following the required Content submission guidelines. We will have a look & let you know whether it is suitable for the articles section.
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    There is not much difference between an essay and an article. When we write essay on some subject with well categorised headings and details about that subject from introduction to conclusion it becomes an article.

    Actually in our student life we write essays on so many entities and later we write articles on same subjects in a differently structured ways.

    Anyway the enthusiasm to write essay or article is well appreciated and I wish you all good luck.

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