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    If someone ask about your childhood, What would you say ? Happy, unhappy or so so ?

    For many of us the childhood is the most happiest moment in life and we cherish all the nuances that has occurred in those days .I believe every one would have cherished their childhood moments and some even recorded their every event of success. But seldom people would say that they have enjoyed the life so and so nor they would say the life was unhappy. As most of us does not remember the childhood actions and reactions. Still based on the narrations by elders of our house we feel great about our behavior then.
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    My elders used to say that I was very cute and beautiful. I was very calm and quite. All my relatives loved me and cared me. I would say that my childhood was little disturbed when my mother reached heaven while I was Seven. That was the end of my childhood and the time I attained my boyhood.
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    Sorry. It is really difficult time for a child when he is growing and he could not have mother around.
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    I am happy to share my childhood experience.I spent my childhood in Saharsa,Bihar,where I studied in a Missionary School. I was very happy by my schooling.The stories of Bible impressed me a lot . I used to narrate these at home to my mother and servants. One of my servant provoked and said, "Do you know ,Why do we celebrate Holi and Diwali'?Your friends knew every thing about their religion .My servants opened my eyes and they helped me to know Ramayana and Mahabharta stories.
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    As far as my childhood days are concerned I have limited memories. I am the third child of my parents. Elder to me I have a brother and a sister. Another brother came within another two years. Being one among four one cannot expect any special attention. I grew enjoying the company of my own brothers and sister. Some children from the neighbouring houses also joined us very often. My elders, sister and brother went to my mother's home to join a school near to the house there.
    As far as I was concerned I didn't go to any school till I attained the age 10. Then I joined in the 7th standard through an entrance test.
    My school days I enjoyed very much with friends. We were staying adjacent to a temple which had two large ponds. Evenings we children spent our time swimming, jumping, etc. in the ponds. We used to play football (using tennis ball) before going to ponds.
    Temple festival seasons were more happy days for us.
    After completing the school classes we had to leave that place and move to cities. However, even now those sweet remembrances are lingering in my mind.

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    My childhood went off very well except for only one incident. We are 5 brothers and 4 sisters. In fact 5 sisters. But I have lost one sister at her age of 3 years and my age was about 9 years. Losing one sister is the only incident which was really bad.
    I am the eldest son and younger to one sister. All my brothers and sisters settled well in their lives now. My father and mother stays in our native place.

    All our brothers and sisters used to play together and my parents used to take care of us very nicely. We used to spend many of our holidays with my mother's father's family in a village. My aunt's children also used to come there. We are were playing together and enjoying the holidays.
    Once I came to High school I had many good friends and we used to have very good competition among us for studies. Even today also some of them are in contact with me. We all used to go by walk to Godavari River which is about 3 Km from our village. in the evening and spend some time there and used to comeback . A nice experience. Overall I will say that my childhood is of very good memories and happy times.

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    My childhood was very special!
    I am the youngest among siblings. I have 2 elder brother. Most pampered, most loved child of family.
    Even my Tau ji do not have any daughter,so they also love me a lot.
    I am still a kid for all of them. However new generation has marked their presence, still I get most attention for my things like anything which is making me happy make whole family happy, anything making me sad makes everyone sad.
    My every small step is celebrated. I feel I am one of the most protected, most pampered child.

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    My childhood memory was very bad due to poor in money and misbehave teaching by my uncle like hitting more on teaching etc and its long story I can not share it but nowadays everything is good.

    We improve since my father get job and good salary before that 2 time eating was also difficult. We only depends on some how field work but My mother only take care of me so I am here today alive.

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    It was really very happy period and we still remember it as a great possession.

    Playing with school mates, going to regular picnics, cooking in the backward for our dolls, hiding and calling the friends to find out and so many other activities with which our childhood and student life was full.

    It is always nostalgic to remember all that.

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    I had a normal childhood of a middle class family in a remote area and I can not exactly define that in terms of happiness but yes it was full of activities which are still in my mind as fresh as yesterday.

    The main activities where I was present were group sports, exchanging story books, visiting friends, regularly going to local library for hindi and english story books etc.

    Because of limited financial resources we did not have much freedom to enjoy the canteen or city hotels or restaurants and there was nothing like pocket money in those days to that extent. Anyway life was mainly to concentrate in studies and occasional calls from upper class family students for some snacks and tea and indoor games they had and which they wanted us to play there.

    So it was nice still intact in memories to share here today.

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