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    To which category of ambitious people you belong?

    Are you ambitious? In what sense - motivated to achieve your goals at any cost, even to create deliberate hurdles in a competitor's path to his own goal?

    Most of us are ambitious. We want to do this, we want to do that. Our aspirations are high and we want to achieve everything.

    There are different people who perceive ambitions and success in different ways. Some of us take this in real spirit and do our best to achieve the goals commensurate with our ambitions. On the other hand there are some people who do not believe in sincere and hard work and always busy in pulling the legs of their competitors and do all efforts to bring them down by hook or crook and in the process grab the benefits thereselves.

    Such people thrive totally on mean tricks to achieve what is otherwise not due to them. In fact they do not deserve it but get it by spoiling success paths of deserving ones.

    Have you gone through such experiences in your life? In which category of ambitious people you put yourself?
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    I believe to achieve something we will always need help of others. So one should maintain good relation with other people. For me, if I want to clear a competitive exam, I don't care what my so called competitors are doing; I set a goal for myself that I have to achieve this much marks in the exam. I don't care what the other person is doing. Whenever I need help, I don't shy away from asking to others.
    The second kind of people are generally not able to succeed in their life. They are so busy in spoiling the work of others that they don't have time to improve their own skills.

    Frankly, I don't think any one will admit to being the second type.

    Don't sweat the small stuff and it's all small stuff.

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    For me and my family ambition plays important role. Each one us have the set targets and we work singly and jointly to achieve our goals. First of all we see the right way of achieving the success route. On that we work and achieve the positions one after other. When you are getting one success after other at every point, then it is the indication that you are moving in the right direction. Even those who are at the helm of affairs would love to help those who are at the striking distance of the target. That way we are getting the success achieved through total planning, understanding the requirements and above all with total dedication and perseverance.
    K Mohan
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    My gains, if any, in my life are almost based on merits. At degree level I was a gold medallist at the college and so the admission to Post graduate class in the University department was very easy. Masters degree also was completed with top rank. After this did some research until I got a teaching post in the University itself. Later again moved to another University after getting selected through merit, this time as an Associate Professor and Head of a department. After retirement from the University service I was invited to accept the Director post of another institution. After completing about three years, I had to leave that position due to family affairs. But soon I was offered a Senior Advisership in another institution, best to my home. After working with this institution For more than two years I left it. After a small gap I was requested to take up the Presidentship of a Service Coop. Bank, near my house. Even without an election I became the President of the Bank. Now I have completed four years in this post and this is the fifth and last year.
    Personally I had not approached anybody for getting those positions or gains.

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    Throughout my life sofar what ever I have achieved is with my hard work and determination only. As mentioned by one of the responders above nobody will say that they belong to second category of achievers. But we know in person what we are. We might have seen some people who belong to category 2.
    When I started my education I wanted to be a top most degree holder. I worked hard for achieving that. All my studies are in government institutions only. My education from Intermediate to Ph.D was with government scholarship only. Of course My full family support was there. So as far as academics are concerned I have achieved my goal by getting my doctorate.
    Later I started my career in Industry and I have set my goal that I should represent myself as a Board of Director in a medium scale industry. I worked hard towards that in private sector industries and I could become a director of a company and was in the company as director on board for about 7 years. Later on I shifted to a large scale industry as president. Here also I have achieved my goal. I need not tell seperately that I achieved this out of merit as the job is in a private Industry where our hard work and devotion only will work.

    Now I feel I have achieved in professional front also what I aimed. My family life is also very good with my wife, two married sons and all six staying together in my own house. Overall I am happy to say I am a satisfied man.

    In the course of my this journey I have come across many people of other category also and I always used to be very careful with them.

    always confident

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    No one is going to put himself in other category you have described.

    I was career oriented before marriage.

    But do we have a straight definition of success or set of milestone to call someone achiever.
    I believe being happy, and living on your own conditions is success. And it may be different to someone else.
    I am leading a total stress-free life, enjoying spiritual side which includes writing on my choice of topics, sketching, painting.
    I am not into any race of accumulating more money, more fame. You know it's kind of living detached from but in this world.

    Chitra Rana

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    It is really very bad that there are people who instead of doing hard work and efforts for their growth are engaged in leg pulling and taking advantage out of it.

    It depends on the boss of an office or establishment how he treats these leg pullers. If the boss handles them roughly for such acts they will be discouraged to do so in future.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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