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    Be a winner, be a loser, but never be a quitter

    Do you easily give up when you face failure? Participate in this discussion and get self-motivated to never quit.

    Our life and the events happening in our life is basically all part of a game. You win sometimes, you lose sometimes. Everything is part of the game. But quitting is never a part of this game. Quitting is for cowards.

    Whether it is school test, board examination, college admission test, job interview, you pass sometimes, you fail sometimes. Never let anything go to your head. We see so many young students committing suicide, just because they failed a selection test or a competitive examination. They fail to understand that life is much bigger than a mere winning or passing or failing.

    This thread is dedicated to the people who are going through some examinations or interview. Win or lose your family will always be with you.

    Always remember whether you are a winner or a loser, you always learn something valuable. So never fail to learn. Never in your life be a quitter.
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    It is true. Winning or losing is a part of life. In every game one may win and other may lose. The person who lost the game has to take that loss as a lesson. Understand the mistakes committed by him in that game and get the weakness rectified and come back to play and win. But no one should stop playing further with a doubt of losing the game.
    In the same way in our life also we come across many examinations. Sometimes we will be successful and pass. But sometimes we may fail. Getting disheartened with a failure and not trying further is suicidal.
    We have to think why we failed. Where we have committed the mistake and how to rectify that mistake. Once we introspect our actions and work, we will understand why we failed. Taking a clue from that we should see that we will come out with flying colors
    Whether we lose or win we have a lot more life ahead to enjoy and to be successful. So get determined to pass and restart your hard work. That should be the attitude for all.

    always confident

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    I won't simply agree with you. All the three (winning, losing and quitting) are important. To be safe, we have positive charge, negative charge and the neutral(earth) Similar is the case in our life too. When we have doubt of winning or losing, it is better to quit and remain normal without any happiness or worry.
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    When we participate in a competition or game, we must be prepared for being winner or the loser. There cannot be all winners and all looser. But we do get dejected and think of quitting the scene itself. However when we are confident and having good perseverance with sustained performance, quitting is the foolish thing and surely the next winning would be yours. And those who have the high hopes of winning and come across the news that he is not selected or lost the chance, the moment would be very challenging and tricky to move out of the situation. In that case many choose to quit.
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    Life is a continuous struggle and during the journey of life we will be going through the ups and downs. We will be gaining sometimes and we will be losing other times but journey has to be undertaken and challenges must be faced and difficult circumstances have to be mitigated.

    There is no way we can choose a easier path.

    Some people feel that they will quit the game and will live within whatever comes to them automatically but it is a false assumption. Nothing comes to us without efforts. If we do not sow our efforts we do not reap the benefits.

    Quitting is cowardness. It is an act of acknowledging that I am incompetant and can not undertake a work. Society will look to quitters with a pitiable way and instead of sympathy they will get neglected.

    Author has very well said in this thread that whether win or lose but never quit.

    Knowledge is power.

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