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    If we can't discuss this, what can we discuss?

    Dear ISC and members,
    A member had posted a message and it was locked by a joyful responsible editor, after four responses, saying that there is nothing to discuss. The thread was about our future vice president. If we can't discuss it in this forum, what else can we discuss?

    The discussion will help us to know more about Venkaiah Naidu through the responses from various ISC members. Haste is waste, the editors should know.
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    Today afternoon I have opened this thread. But I found that the thread is locked for further posts as there is nothing more to discuss.Simply I read the contents posted and gone back. The reasons for closing i don't understand.
    always confident

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    Dear Master Sun,
    I have already mentioned the reason while locking the thread of Mr. Mohan. I don't feel the need to explain that again. Please go through the past ISC threads that have won accolades, CC for being truly worthy of discussion. Then you will very clearly understand what is worthy of discussion and what is futile for discussion. In fact, please remember that many ISC members have raised such good threads that were converted into GD or other contests later. ISC must maintain those high standards. You being such a senior member at ISC must be already knowing this. Please do explain the same to Mr. Rao at your leisure. Meanwhile I am closing this thread as you have already got the explanation and that too twice. Please don't raise anymore threads on this crystal clear issue and leave it at that.

    Live life Kingsize!

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