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    Why aren't we seeing vice presidents getting elected as presidents nowadays?

    In my childhood days, I was thinking that a vice president will automatically become the president and it was also happening to a maximum extent before I came to know that there is separate election for the president. Except two or three, all the vice presidents became presidents till K.R. Narayanan. But after that I am not seeing that trend. Once a person becomes the vice president, he won't be associated with any party. Then why don't all the parties support the vice president to become the next president?
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    My dear,
    It is not an office or a private firm where the deputy or assistant manager can be promoted as manager as per their seniority. It is politics that a president or vice president of India to be elected, not promoted. However, the vice president can be nominated as a candidate to contest election.

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    While it is customary earlier to see the Vice President as our future President. But over the years the ruling party which has the good voting percentage and votes in LS are not having the same in RS. Vice President is the Chairman of RS and many important bills needs to be discussed and passed by the both the houses. For BJP while it has good seats and partners in LS, it does not have the same in RS and has to bargain for support every time when big scheme or government proposal is attempted. So to get rid of this situation the Modi government wants to put its NDA candidate Venkaiah Naidu as the VP candidate against opposition party candidate Gopalkrishna Gandhi.
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    Yes. Initially that trend of making Vice President as president was there. But it is nowstopped. By becoming Vice President the person can't support any political party and he should forget his affiliations. He has to work above all the politics. He has to see the worth of the issue and give all R S members equal chance to speak and conduct the house in order. There is no rule that Vice President should be made president. But if the Vice President is capable and found to discharge his duties efficiently he can be nominated by any party as a candidate. Mr.Venkaiah Naidu is a very capable and experienced politician. I think he may be made president after 5 years of his tenure as Vice President. We have to wait and see.
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