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    A man without education is a lamp without oil.

    Being a teacher i can definitely understand the power of knowledge in this world . Nowadays each and every parents want his /her child to be well educated for their betterment in future ,or u can say to have a bright future ahead . I agree with them but still in many parts of India their are people who does not understand the importance of education . They do not send their childrens to school as they take it as waste of time but we have to change this type of mentallity from our society .
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    I will agree with your thread summary, but not the thread title. A man without education is like a lamp without oil. No. All men cannot be same. There are many uneducated people who shine like a bright lamp. They have the oil called experience and knowledge acquired without any formal education. Have you heard the great Kamaraj of Tamilnadu. An uneducated CM.

    So, Don't think like that. And don't under estimate the uneducated man.

    @ How about a woman without education ?

    I would modify your title and say that a man without education is like a bulb with low voltage.

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    Yes a man without education is the lamp without oil. But I have seen many men without basic knowledge earning money with their intelligent quotient which is not present even in the educated lots. Many uneducated persons chosen self business as the best bet to survive without any difficulty. Some are managing their business with their little knowledge of studies done after starting own business and some have recruited their confident persons at the main positions through which the business is run and the profits are enjoyed. So the proverb cited by the author may not be true to all.
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    A man is formed by God with the power of discrimination of good and bad. This power is given by the God only to the Human birth only. Through this power a man has to realize himself to reach God. For this the education is necessary for him or her. But the spiritual and religious books told through its epics that the educated human should live with good character and if the character lapses in him or her the total life of his or her berth go in waste and he will get ruined. Example for this the character Ravana, who was a learned and master of all topics but he lacks in his character and thereby met death, not only death but caused for total ruin of his whole associates. So, the inclusion of good character is a necessary along with education to one human.

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    What Mohan!
    You started with a yes first and at the end said a big NO to the statement.Please be sure of words uttered.

    No life without Sun

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    Education is the basic building block of human intelligencia. It is right that a few gifted one have risen in their life without education but for the general masses it is a must and without this we are nowhere. Education makes a person complete in all respect. He knows the history of his ancestors, he knows the geography of earth, he learns different languages to communicate with different people of different countries, he does research to unravel the mysteries of nature and many more things like that.

    It is the education which makes a person totally changed from a wild animal to cultured intellectual. What more we require from education?

    Knowledge is power.

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    Education is an important factor for a human being. No doubt about it. But education without character is a waste. There are people who are excelled in their life by a great character and commitment. A person with a very good education may also deceive persons for his betterment and well being. So they are not good and they can't be compared with light. Because the light he is throwing on others will guide the other people to darkness. I say we should give priority to character than education.
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    Here, I think, the author meant 'knowledge for reading and writing' as 'education'. These days an educated man will be an expert in a particular field. Earlier there were workers in different fields such as agriculture, carpentry, brick making, etc. They were experts in their respective fields. But many of them could not read or write. Their knowledge in the particular work was the bulb which lightened their life and helped them to earn a living. Hence the interpretation of education as the light leads to a confusion. These days it is almost impossible to live without knowing how to read and write. Hence the same can be considered as the oil for the light.
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    I really appreciate the author's concern and wish to say one incident. My mom's house maid was uneducated and she had not put her child to school even after forcing her. Once I gave my kids story book's and bag to that child thinking she was going to school but she started crying and said Aunty Iam not going to school. I felt very bad and asked her mother. She said what girls will do by having education after all they have to work at home. I was shocked to listen this that still people's thought have not changed. But fortunately after counselling for many days she agreed to send her child to school. At least to have basic education.

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