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    Another technology developed to reduce plastic use.

    Bengaluru based Institute of Wood Science and Technology (IWST) has come out with a new wood polymer composite (WPC) which could reduce plastic use while manufacturing motor car. This would further reduce the cost and also improve the mileage, since WPC is hybrid material produced from natural wood and plastic fibre. It is much lighter than plastic but stronger at the same time. Here bamboo is getting mixed with plastic fibre in the ratio 60 to 40 %.
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    Great to learn from the author that the new technology named Wood polymer composite can henceforth would be used in making car bodies to make further strong and make less usage of plastic in real sense. But what I fear that the new technology must sustain the heat resistance of the car while on the move. Some of the car owners are habitual to long drive mania and in that case there is every chance of engine getting heated up and what way the new technology can safeguard the car from burning in the middle. If that is taken care of , surely this new technology would be great boon. And what I request the IWST company that they should test this new technology on the manufacturing of bus body , especially the roof tops so that heat can be resisted during the summer season which will be the boon for the bus passengers.
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    This is a good news that there is a replacement for plastic in automobile industry. As per the given information by the author the new material is a combination of bamboo and plastic fiber. Here what I feel is again this solution is also not environment friendly. They require lot of Bamboo that means cutting of Bamboo trees which is a negative factor. Everybody is advising not to use paper as it requires lot of bamboo trees in making it. DRDO has developed a new composite material which is very strong and heat resistant but light in weight. The material is being used for casing of missile fuels. Presently metal is used for this casing. To avoid high weight they developed this composite material and whether the same can be used for car body is to be thought by these scientists.
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    IWST statement says that WPC do not heat up and have no toxic substances like plastic which has health hazards. These items are durable with a long shelf life.
    This product has been patented and included in the Gazette of India. The institute has also applied for patent on 'WPC plates' which are microwave oven friendly.

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    Very happy to share that our scientists have formulated a tougher but lighter material for automotive industry.

    Anything made with indigenous efforts is remarkable and specially from natural products like bamboo which is plenty available locally.

    We hope that it will soon be introduced commercially so that it's advantages will be known by the common public.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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