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    AP government under fix after pressurizing hurried construction and now facing leakages.

    We all know that United AP has been bifurcated into Telangana and AP three years ago and as per the agreement, AP is entitled to use Hyderabad as the Capital for 10 years till the new capital is built. But the ego problem between KCR and CBR made the AP government to urgently finalize the tenders to construct Secretariat and Ministers chambers at 10,000 rupees per sq feet and now the new buildings at Amravathi is leaking everywhere and work of Ministers were held up. When the cost of construction prevailing was just 3500 per sq feet, government paid three times extra to the contractor and yet quality was not maintained. Who is responsible for this ?
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    The Chief Minister himself is responsible for it. After having caught directly in the Note for Vote case, the fate of AP people got completely turned into mess. Because of that case, Chandra Babu Naidu had to leave Hyderabad hurriedly. He is not in a position to demand the Special Category Status for Andhra Pradesh. But he wanted to show some progress by constructing the temporary buildings. Because of such hurry, these kind of things happening. Even the people of AP are in dilemma as to whom they shall elect in the next elections. The opposition leader is also struggling with money laundering cases. Because of those cases, even he won't be in a position to demand anything from the Centre. And our PM Modi is completely utilising this opportunity.

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    Any thing good or bad happens in a particular state , the chief minister of that state is responsible for that. The congress government mercilessly divide the state and done lot of injustice to Andhra Pradesh. It is true that Hyderabad is capital for both the states for a period of 10 years. But Hyderabad is under Telangana. That means Chandrababu naidu has to stay in a place where KCR is the chief minister. You see Chandigarh is the capital for two states but Chandigarh is under central rule. Here you can understand the politics played by congress. That is the reason CBN shifted to Vijayawada in a hurry. But not because of note for vote.
    The construction is done hurriedly but this fastness is nothing do with the quality. The contractor should be held responsible for this problem and government should see that he will make it alright. Otherwise his bills should not be cleared. I think government will do that.
    Under the present situation of AP, nobody is better than CBN as CM.

    always confident

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    Whether it is done hurriedly or gradually it is observed that Govt building constructions are not up to the mark and start a lot of maintenance and leakage problems in the beginning itself. It is really a sad affair that the contractors and our engineers supervising the work are so careless and casual about these constructions which are supposed to shelter us for a long period.

    There are already laid out engineering guidelines in construction industry and know how is also not a problem. But these dishonest people do not care for nation building and they should be penalised for such acts.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    This is really an unfortunate story of our building constructions in Govt sector that we have to feel sorry time to time. There is sufficient budget provisioning and full freedom to get the work done but the execution and supervision are so hopeless with lots of under table corruption that the final product is awefully off the track.

    These buildings are supposed to withstand for decades but they have started showing their weak frame from day one.

    There is no way out until unless the responsible people for these tasks are brought to the books on these matters.

    Knowledge is power.

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