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    One of my friend want to develop new website.Anyone can share topics Ideas?

    One of my friend want to develop new website.Anyone can share topics Ideas? He need tips on traffic generation point of view and It should have own monopoly like ISC is good website for education fields.
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    Hello Santosh Kumar Singh,

    If your friend want to develop website then first of all he should make a rough idea or thoughts or plan what he want to do in his website. Website or a Blog can be develop through various platforms depends on the budget.

    If your friend want to develop a blog, then Blogger or WordPress is the best idea. If he want to go higher level website then ASP.NET, PHP programming websites can be develop.

    Now your main concern is that Traffic (?) Well, to gain the traffic, the solution is that to generate traffic from organic or referrals. Let me more clear.

    Organic traffic can be drive from Search Engines. For that, website need quality contents according to search engine need which includes search engine optimization and which is need to update website on go and regularly.

    Referral traffic can be generate from internet links i.e. traffic from other websites which have refer your website. OR traffic from the social media like Facebook, Twitter and others.

    Now days, both social media and search engine methods can drive much traffic to your website depends on how you actively participate and retain in the market.

    Topics Suggestions for Website:

    Educational - Can be target to any specific group of students.
    Travel - Can make a travel information blog or website.
    Local Business - You can develop any local business and can book orders online.
    Latest - Can work on latest updates, news blog
    Viral posts - Can work on viral posts to gain traffic from social media.

    There are many niche topics available which you can search and develop website according to your needs and skills and knowledge.

    Hope this information is useful to you.

    Good Luck.

    - Mahesh

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    Your thread is not clear. What kind of site he wants to start. Even if it is educational site, it can be a mixed bag with other information can also be shared. In ISC except educational importance, nothing is allowed to discuss or appended. So come with the clear idea as to what to start and certainly we can give concrete suggestion. And as regards to aim the popularity of ISC and you want to have such kind of progress and stature, surely that would not be possible in just a huff. It all took so many years and dedicated members associated with this great site and still with the channel. Think differently and surge ahead.
    K Mohan
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    First you need to think about website. Whether you are going to make website or blog. What is your budget? Are you technically capable enough to handle such website. If no, then kindly go for wordpress as it requires very less technical knowledge until and otherwise some errors or problems. Which can be solved by any php developer.
    Now come to website topic. Do you want to make general blog or Niche specific blog. I suggest you make niche specific blog/website. First you need to analysis of your investment and roi. How much return of investment you need, what is your targets and difficulty level of niche. How much you need to rank for such new website. In my view first 6 month, don't expect much of return and try to make authority of your blog.

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