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    Disciplinary behavior in children.

    Now a days every body likes to be in nuclear family that too one child. By this there are lot of drawback in recent generation i,e in children. Earlier parents would scold us and we would keep quiet but now children scold us and we parents keep quiet and pamper them a lot. Yesterday in my child's school, one parent was 5 min late due to some reason the child started yelling at the parent in the school campus only for being late. I really found it to be very unsound. Actually children should be thought some discipline methods to talk to elders and even teachers in school. Just because only one child they pamper them so much that they forget that they are parents and have certain responsibilities to teach their children for their future.
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    Here also supply and demand rule is applicable. Now we two our one system is going on. So many parents are having only one child. So the child is having an advantage. If the father says no, the child can go to mother and vice versa.
    In our childhood we have a fear of father and we always used to request mother only for our requirements. But nowadays children will not have any fear and they demand whatever they want. So definitely parents should see that their children behave properly and should be taught to be disciplined. Otherwise they will become very rude and bad in future. There is a saying in Telugu. If a plant is not getting bend, how we can expect the tree to bend. Parents should teach them what is good and what is bad and how to behave.
    Teachers will also have a role in this. They should teach morals and good behavior to the children when they are in their primary classes.

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    I too agree with the author that right from the childhood the discipline must be taught and that must be a permanent lesson every day. How to respect elders , how to talk at public places, how to behave with elders and friends. All these wont come as automatic quality to a child. It must be inculcated from the young age and monitored. I have seen some children calling their parents with name. Though the parent may enjoy the closeness, but others think that the nurture was not perfect. In this case the yelling of the child against the parent for coming five minutes late to the school is something a bad trend and that must be stopped. As a parent we may teach good morals and responsibilities , but at the school who the child is getting close and cozy with must also be known. That means good friendship with good persons at the class also inculcates good habits.
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    It is very true and really unfortunate that the child or children in a family are now a days totally indisciplined and arrogant in their behaviour and the main reason behind this is the pampering by parents.

    The values in life which earlier children were learning from their parents is now a days absent. Moreover children are not being taught the value of work and dignity of work and they are becoming white collared since their childhood only and can not think of doinng any manual job by themselves.

    These children when turned into adult if get landed theirselves in an atmosphere of new circumstances can not cope with their surroundings and become victim of their own shortcomings and sometimes caught with problems like depression and fatigue.

    So it is advisable to keep children under some control since their early childhood to avoid these consequences.

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    Thank you for your responses. As author Dr. Srinivas mentioned a saying about a plant its really true. Similarly there is another saying even in Kannada that a creeper plant should be given proper support at tender to get a correct form once it grows fully you cannot change the shape. I think this applies to the recent generation children, now only they should be thought of discipline.

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