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    Do we get 100 percent correct and accurate information by googling it?

    Is Google an authority? Do we get the 100 percent correct and accurate information by googling it? Are they authenticated information.? Is Google an authority for all our doubts and queries? Google accommodates all on the earth. Both highly educated and less educated post information on the net for the sake of earning. Like we have our own ask expert section where you and me post information as per our knowledge and understanding. Does ISC become an authority?

    Please clarify. There is a tussle between Cobs and Ears of Corn at ISC. Should we take the googled information to justify our stand? Some say Ears can be eaten, not the Cob. some say the Cob of Corn is eatable, not the Ears of Corn.
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    This time lot of changes done by google so they are filtering very unique contents but in old days google searching was good you can get lot of answers for your queries but nowadays only new version of answers you can get easily but if you are searching for any old version .
    Santosh Kumar Singh
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    The google search will not go by the content in the article . It will go by the words you have given for search and give you all those articles where the words given by you are matching with the key words given by the author in the article. As such whatever results we are getting may be useful for us. The results accuracy and correctness depends on again words you have given. For example. I will search the google by giving a word SUGAR. I will get all articles which will have sugar word in it. Instead of giving only sugar if I give sugar preparation in laboratory, the results will have some articles which will have all the keywords I have given and those will be more useful for me for my work.
    Generally we get accurate and correct search results only from google search.

    always confident

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    Mr. Rao,
    Who writes the information for the google? Is there a special authority to write for google with 100% correctness? Can't the netizens google and get the information posted by you and me at ISC? Do we become an authority?

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    I will discuss the last part of your query, regarding the 'ears of corn' and the 'cobs of corn'. What we eat is 'corn on the cob'. That is the correct term. Cobs of corn are thrown away after we are done eating the corn kernels.

    An ear of corn is used to prepare corn on the cob. It can be boiled, steamed or roasted. The cob is inedible; we eat it only when we're eating baby corn.

    Someone shared a page of an online portal selling 'pet supplies' selling cobs of corn. Interesting, but would you trust an obscure website selling 'cobs of corn' as a proof of the term being correct, leave alone taking lessons in English from it. Do we now need to learn English from the wares being sold at online stores? Here is the thing, online marketing strategists' use a combination of keywords to enable their sites to pop up in search results. And 'cobs of corn' appears to be just one such keyword.

    Here is a web page that I found where corn on the cob (not cobs of corn) is described as a culinary term for "…a cooked ear of freshly picked maize".

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    Withut going through the google or any advertisement relating to corn, I would firmly say that the cob is different. In Tamilnadu we had been cultivating "'Cholam". I think it is Jowar. Another variety is called 'Makka Cholam' from the north which is the corn we are discussing about. The cob is the part which holds the grain which is eatable. And the cob is a waste which is fed to the cattles. I do agree that we can eat baby corn along with the cob, not the Corn (Makka Cholam) that was displayed by a member.

    Finally, I don't google and don't believe in google.

    I firmly say that you are fully right with your argument.

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    Google is putting lot of information on its servers some of which is being upgraded regularly while some is just sitting there for a long time unupdated.

    Interestingly google only searches the internet and produces the search results in front of us and leaves on us to decide what we want to use. Google is also not endorsing the authenticity of the information neither it is claiming to do so.

    Though google may be trying to do its best to filter the unappropriate and fake material but still many things will be there about which one can doubt the correctness or authenticity.

    Under such a situation we should try to cross check some of the dubious data using different search engines as well as from the reference books in a nearby library.

    Blindly following google and endorsing its content may not prove reasonable everytime.

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    There is nothing like "100% correct". Even the most accurate process has 5% error.
    Google searches for the keywords you typed.
    Internet is a collection of websites like ours.
    So,can you rely on information relayed in ISC eyes closed? If your answer is yes, that is the answer for your question too.
    There is no way to know whether something is absolutely true or not.

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    What we submit to Google is stored by them and gets retrieved by others when sought the information. It all depends on the wisdom of those who share the information on anything with Google and they index it immediately so that whenever a mention of that appears, they give full details. Google search may be helpful to locate the information but it cannot be taken as most authenticate. Moreover we are habituated to build on the leads provided to us and this concept is also on the same lines. Therefore accuracy or not we are searching for the exact information and even if lead appears we get satisfied. But what I feel that some sites have known the niche of Google indexing style and they keep on occupying the prime position while searching and when we go inside, the information provided is inaccurate and the old stuff. Google must avoid such sites.
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    The information we get it while googling is not of 100% foolproof container. For example, we all refer to Wikipedia for any information. The information posted therein would be of the members like you and me. You can also register there and can have edit accessibility to correct or add any information and this is subjected to final edit by their Admin. In some cases, I have corrected some information which were later approved. What I mean to say is that information available on a webpage is not an authority and we have to cross-check it with other sources. For that matter, no website claims the right to say that the information provided is absolute and right.

    As you were making a reference to AE section of ISC, it is the responsibility of the members to verify the authenticity of the answers provided though they are subjected to scrutiny and also responded by the members out of their knowledge and experience. We never claim that the AE responses are quite right and provided by the professionals, yet these responses are welcomed by many visitors and AE section is one of the sections which attracts good traffic.


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