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    Post-Martem is done on dead body, not on a live body

    Dear ISC and the Members,
    Generally, Post-martem is done after the death of a person, not while the person is alive. What I mean is - A contest becomes dead after the announcement of the result. Thereafter, doubts and queries are raised and solved Post-martem would be carried out. Here at ISC, before announcing the result, the announcer invites a discussion which is like carrying out post-martem on a live body.

    The Managing editor was highly disappointed to see the members raising doubts cornering the the contest author for his poor (not poor but excellent) conduct of contests. Now, the most responsible Managing Editor of ISC has vowed not to conduct any quiz or puzzle contests in future. It was not expected from a person holding a managerial position. Should have handled the situation with patience and tolerance without getting annoyed.

    The Managing editor preaches but never practices. Members have taken pain, wasted their time and energy to participate in the contest. Just because of one or two members disagreement, it is not wise to cancel the quiz competition. You have not cancelled it, but abondoned the result for which we ISCians are curiously waiting for. This contest had a wide participation of 21 good members. You may delete/cancel the controversial words and reduce the points accordingly. Remove the cobs(4) of corn(4) and allot points/cc to the rest. It is my sincere request. Patience and tolerance should be the propriety of a Managing Editor, especially a Lady Managing Editor.

    I request the ME to announce the result as per her decision, award prizes and cash credits to the winners. Else, allot equal CC to all the participants of the contests.
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    Dear ME,
    In your contest announcing thread, you said the following:
    "Important note: The answers should match my list of words. All answers will be checked by non-participating editors as well. Participants have to abide by the final decision.

    So, What is your final decision and where is your final decision? You needlessly invited feedback from the members in advance which has backfired you. Please go by your words. Do not worry about the members. We are ready to abide by your firm and final decision. Please announce the result with a cheer.

    Update: Also, the ME has said that only two members out of 21 members have used the word cob correctly, and the remainining 19 did not know it. During the discussion, the two members did not raise to support their cobs was right and support MEs stand. I expect those two members to come forward and discuss the issue.

    No life without Sun

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    I request you to wait for a decision regarding the Quiz as mentioned in the other threads and let us avoid discussions on a topic which triggers more issues rather than finding a solution. I am locking this thread too.


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