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    Addicted to internet?

    It is hard to imagine life without internet.
    It is as though our day begins and ends being hooked on the internet. We are so depended on it that it has also become a means of shopping, ordering food or groceries, transportation and so on and so forth.
    Imagine, out of the sudden when you don't get access to the internet?. What would happen then?
    A new study warns that just as the effect the drug withdrawal has on drug addicts, people who use internet a lot may experience significant psychological changes such as increased heart rate and blood pressure when they go offline.
    The study published in the journal PLOS ONE
    Social media addicts, take care!
    Try to introduce no internet/TV/gizmos day once in a month and feel the difference!
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    It is true. Internet is becoming a part and parcel of everybody's life. A car driver after dropping his boss in the office will sit outside and put on his smartphone and browse all the sites. A staff member of a office in between his work open his internet on desktop and browse. A housewife after completing her daily routine, will open the net and start browsing. So it has become an essential service like gas, current,water etc. But it is only in cities and towns. Still there are some villages where you will not have the chance of browsing internet. Last month I was in such a place for 2 days. No postings in ISC those two days.
    Every one in this society is becoming internet addicted and forgetting the human touch. If you come see in our house in the evening. I will be sitting with a lap top. My wife with a tablet and my two sons with their smart phones. No talk and no exchange of views. So what we have decided is we will eat together in the evening and no cell phones near by during that half an hour. We started this practice. We have to see how long we can do it.

    always confident

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    Internet has become an unavoidable nuisance. Sometimes it appears that our productivity is reduced due to this friendly evil.

    There are people (like us?) who are highly addictive of this and are on the verge of ruining their health as well as sacrificing a large part of their productive time.

    It may not be true for all or we can not generalise it as some people are using internet creatively and earning money and it is even bread and butter for them. The worry is for those who are glued to it for game playing or other amusements and wasting their valuable time in this unnecessary indulgence.

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    Yes in the recent past the people who are addicted to internet has grown leaps and bounds and what is surprising that even kids and elders have also entered the fray to hog limelight with their formidable presence in social media. As per the presence estimates, the Facebook as 24 crore member subscribers to its share across the world and all of them are Indians. This list would further grow. Every one in the family is connected to Facebook and they are exchanging pleasantries with one another. So all these are the proof for the increased usage of internet by the young and old ones and that includes social media.
    K Mohan
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    Yes, these days we have a number of friends on social media,but no real friends ,who want to share our happiness and sorrow.The people ,who are more advance have less human power.They totally depend on electronic gadgets.They have no sentiments for others.The celebration of Birthday is on FB,By sending cakes on FB. Teenagers are passing their valuable time on social media.They come from rural area taking admission in colleges.From the first day ,they have smart phones in their hands.They start to make friend ship,as the number on FB friends increase,their studies hamper.
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