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    ‘Breaking the pot just when the butter churns out’.

    Proverbs expressing the essence conveyed by the title are there in many languages. It hints at foolish or negative actions that result in wasting all the hitherto done good efforts and nullifying whatever is done till then and making the purpose not achieved.

    It is exactly what happened with the tragic ending of the 'Monsoon Quiz".
    I frankly feel that the abrupt and emotional reaction of cancelling the quiz by ME could have been avoided. What was the achievement in the whole affair other than exposing herself as giving to emotions and not able to face genuine difference of opinion?

    ME had taken things too personal. ME has quoted the sentence which triggered the reaction, in her closing post in the thread. Actually,in comparison to many other earlier discussions in the forum (which were far more vitriolic , burning and poking) when individual members were targeted at various times, this discussion in the feedback thread was far more decent and within the limits of civilly and disagreement.

    The hasty and unwarranted action has made many eager participants totally disappointed.

    ME could have announced the result first and then allowed the feedback discussion . She should have held on firmly that her decision in this regard was final and any other input would be taken in right spirit for future guidance. That could have been very well accepted by all members.

    I hope there will be a review and good sense comes back.
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    Yes. Did the ME consider the decent ISCian's time and energy wasted to participate in the contest? As rightly said by Venkiteswaran, the discussion was decent with the corn and cobs and ears. Nothing went wrong. Of course, Juana joked with the word joke which triggered ME to get annoyed. Juana did not commit a crime, but joked seriously as the cob and ears could not be decided as to what can be eaten by the human being..

    If this is the attitude of the mother of ISC family, what would happen to her member children? I am sure, ISC children will also follow their mother's trait.

    I hope ME will alter her decision and come out with the result to please the ISCian who burnt their midnight oil to solve the quiz.

    True. ME hurried and invited feed backs from the members in advance which backfired. I have created another thread before this thread.

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    Venkiteswaran sir,

    Your suggestion and concern is noted and we would come back to this thread shortly. Permit me to lock this thread as further discussion on the topic may trigger new issues with participation of other members too. I am not finding fault with them but wanted to avoid it.


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