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    Should Reservations in Jobs(Govt. Sector) be removed?

    Hi Everyone,

    I am new to this forum and want to discuss a very general problem of our Indian Employment system. My general question to all of you in this forum is don't you think that the talent of a candidate should be the base for selection of a candidate in government jobs in India rather than reservation system? Candidates with much more higher score than reserved candidates lag behind because of this reservation system.
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    It is really a point of concern in our country. When the independence was given by British to India, the then big people decided to implement the reservation system basing on the social conditions prevailing at that time. That is for a set period of time. But the politicians who wants votes for ruling the country going on extending the time period. As long as this vote politics exist in our country no political party will remove this. If somebody try to remove that the other parties will make hue and cry and turn it to their advantage. So this unfair system will continue for ever. In some states they are going beyond the set maximum percentage for reservations. There was a talk that even in private Organisations also this system of reservations will be introduced. But so far it has not come.
    Another important point is who is really getting benefited out of this.. The collector's son or Doctor's daughter only. But the son of a labourer in a village even don't know that there are some benefits given by government to them. He will be in the village or maximum he will be a driver in a city with an Individual.
    These reservations should be removed. But who will bell the cat?

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    That's so true sir, Govt. should abolish reservation system and should go for fair selections in each and every job. Competition is getting tougher day by day and general people like us who are average in studies, just curse our destiny for our failure but actually its not our destiny its the Govt. Which should be blamed.

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    The problem of reservation is deeply rooted in our social and political system. Today many feel it should be removed but Govt is at a cross roads as how to do it.

    It was started by some social leaders as a compensation for backward classes and some political leaders took it as an opportunity for their growth and rise of their party. Once it is there and people have tasted it who will agree for its withdrawal?

    Presently it has taken a shape of a big python who is ready to swallow everything which comes in its way.

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    For that matter I would suggest removing reservations even in obtaining seats in professional courses and regular courses. Government can always give the downtrodden with cash benefits or other largess and when it comes to selection of candidate for any college seat or even government jobs, only merit should be considered. Now just imagine the situation of a forward class person who secured cent percent marks in all respect with good academic qualification so far, what is the use when it comes to selection of candidates for the jobs, only reserved candidates with lesser mark and rank steal the show.
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    Reservation on caste basis should be removed.If Govt. want to give Reservation it should be given on the basis of economic condition. Resevation brings a gap in society.People who are economically sound get reservation and block the seats of others who are underprivileged.People ,who are poor becoming more and more poor.Who are rich becoming more and more rich.On the other hand due to reservation unskilled people are handling offices.
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    Reservation in employment and education sector was started with the noble aim of bringing up the under- privileged category of people to the privileged categories' level. However the then Governments had stipulated a time span for continuing this reservation. But the popular governments came to power afterwards could not modify this. Not only that they added more categories of caste groups into the reservation lot. The reason was clearly political gains.
    Thus many eligible people are out and lesser eligible are in.

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    Reservations , first and foremost have nothing to do with development and everything to do with the cliched 'vote bank ' politics.

    If there are 100 job openings, 50 of them are off-limits to those unfortunate citizens of this country who were not born into one of those 'classes'. It is like banishing a section of citizens from opportunities this nation offers.

    If someone refused access to a facility / entry to public place in this country, then every 'intellectual ' comes on TV all guns blazing and shout their lungs out against the 'atrocity'. But no leader wants to even discuss this mammoth of a malady called reservations in public for the fear of reprisal and political isolation.

    I looked at the St Stevens admissions website and shocked to see there are NINE types of reservation for admission into this elite educational institute ( and each category has a separate cut off marks for admission). This alone is a testament to that fact that India is going from 20th century towards 19th century and not the 21st.

    There are several maladies that can harm this country but nothing can harm this country more than this strain of apartheid called reservation.

    It's been roughly 3 generations since Independence. That means , reservations has destroyed lives of 3 generations and God only knows how many more generations are yet to suffer.

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    This topic is sure one of burning issues in our nations. Reservation is by no doubt one of the best system devised to overcome "Social" disabilities imposed due to certain conditions that was particular to India. There is deep rooted Politics in it. The Reservation as a problem started during 1932 Gandhi Ambhedkar Meet at Poona. Gandhi and Ambedkar both worked for the empowerment of the so called Untouchables. Both had different notions of the Schedule classes. While Gandhi wanted them to be developed by including them into the larger society, Ambedkar wanted separate representation for them. The two leaders were steadfast in their demands. British in its divide and rule policy favored Ambedkar to Gandhi as he was one of the few leaders including Nehru and Bose those who had the stature of Gandhi among masses. Gandhi went to fast. Ambedkar came for a compromise to have joint electorate but certain seat reserved for SC/ST. The rest is history. Both Gandhi and Ambedkar placed humanity over materialistic development. Ambedkar was sidelined in congress but went to write constitution. Gandhi died in 1948. Independent India had a constitution. Nehru's India was very different from Gandhi's. Nehru went to develop massive PSU's, Modern temples(dams), He was outright in his admiration for Soviet model of development even during Gandhi years. Patel died within 2 years. The country had no one but Nehru alone. He readily accepted Ambedkar's reservation system now entering into employment.
    Let us leave politics and come to some basic now. Reservation is not for development. Reservation is not for the economic but Social disabilities imposed certain historical factors. So SC/ST reservation has to continue until Social empowerment is completed. Reservation brought in people who voiced their communities at various levels of Government. This is the main aspect of reservation after social empowerment. i.e Making examples. Everything was fine.
    Now let us understand why reservation. When people are denied access to temples, common irrigation system, etc. discriminated in schools it is very pertinent that they get few seats to develop themselves. People must understand that temples were economic Institutions as well as controlling vast tracts of land and hidden treasure in ancient history. This is welfare spending and investment by Government. Now many would have thought why now? Even in 21st Century Indian villages have the above disabilities. It is all over there in News Papers, Media. City dwellers do not understand completely the cast untouchability. Because in cities people can and mostly live Isolated from Neighbors. But in villages every economic activity and recreation is community based.
    People quarrel over economic disabilities alone and see that certain section are well off but still enjoy reservation. But reservation was never to be only for economic disabilities but only for Social disabilities. Still we have Tribal peoples mostly vulnerable to development activities. People are happily living in a forest. Suddenly one day Government comes and says that the forest is having great mining potential and hence it must be removed of human habitations. Do these people know about EIA concept and Tribal land rights to oppose the mighty Government in courts. Can they live happily in new houses built by Government? Where will they go for livelihood? It is for these people reservation must continue.
    Now again but Are these people living in Inhumane conditions enjoying reservation benefits. No. It is some other people living in urban and enjoying all posh facilities of Government just because he has some ancestral links to some SC/ST or OBC. Now leave SC/ST. OBC reservation is the greatest blunder of Governments. An Artificial income layer which Government itself does not knows on what basis exist.
    Reservation is a very good policy but implemented wrongly by our Government. The first thing Government must do is make public Socio economic caste census data and have a revamp of reservation system. It must be dynamic. Communities are just added and not taken away from list. There must be some criteria like if more 50 percent in a community are well off then they must be removed.

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