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    Why Corporate hospitals are raising inflated bills from the Insured persons as their patient.?

    I was just returning from the Corporate hospital where my relative was hospitalized for broken leg when he met with an accident. The hospital has fixed a rod with screw and raised the bill of over 3.5 lakh in all. My relative luckily had the Insurance cover and has the limit for 3 lakhs only. The hospital would never agree for lesser amount and the patient has to shell the difference. What I feel for such kind of operation the charges levied were too much and the doctor charge and his assistance charge itself works out to 2 lakhs. That is why people would think twice to go to the corporate hospitals for treatment.
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    The rates of corporate hospitals are very high and are beyond the capacity of middle class in this country. Only people who are having this facility from their organisation or those who are getting it paid through insurance can think of going there.

    No doubt the level of cleanliness and treatment is up to the mark in such hospitals but in our country they are still a dream for common public.

    I think corporate hospitals should not be so much concerned only for their profit. Medical is a noble service and they should keep the serving of humanity also under consideration. Though they are ploughing back a large part of revenue in facility upgradation but a balanced approach is required to be adopted by them to make these hospitals financially accessible to more people.

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    It is a business now. One of my relative was suffering from typhoid and he was admitted in a corporate hospital in Hyderabad. The total expenses for the 10 days stay there had come more than 1.5 Lakhs.
    Another relative was also suffering from typhoid. I told him the earlier incident and took him to a MD who is practising in his own clinic. He never advised the patient to join and treated him as out patient. It took 10 days to get cured and the total expenses were around Rs.40,000/-.
    Corporate hospitals are squeezing money from innocent people like anything. What we saw on the screen in Chiranjeevi's movie "tagore" is really happening in these hospitals.
    But people will have a fancy to go to these corporate hospitals.
    Government should make a policy and see that these rates should be under check.

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    Hospitals, corporate or not, are now simply business centres. The first question when a patient is to be admitted for an operation or otherwise will be whether the patient has an insurance or not. Based on the answer they will fix the rates. Both the hospital and the insurance company join together to extract money from patients. Only a small percentage of individuals get hospitalised and the insurance amount get claimed. That is the profit for insurance companies. Hospitals have separate charges for insured and non-insured. Number of hospitals is increasing in almost all cities. There is a pet name given for this " medical tourism ", thereby more persons including those from outside India are attracted to these hospitals.
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    My blood boils when we talk about the medical treatment being given at various hospitals in the country. The corporate hospitals are well known for their leeching attitude and the treatment given varies from man to man. if you have Insurance coverage, their treatment would differ while it would be worse for a CGHS beneficiary or more worse for the state govt. health card holder. If you can afford their price and try for the reimbursement at later stage or prefer to forgo the Govt. benefits, i think you would be safe and the treatment would be more better. This is the same situation elsewhere in the country and particularly the places like Hyderabad, Jabalpur, Visakhapatnam and Kolkata are popularly unpopular in providing good treatment. Though the treatment is costlier, I think the hospitals at Pune and Mumbai are somewhat better as compared to these places.

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