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    “Which is better, sports or Video Games?”

    There are many contrary, where we see that some experts have viewed that sports is better than video games and some veteran have also viewed their opposite.
    As we know, there are indoor and outdoor games in sports. To play any games, we have to do physical and metal exercise more and more and keep always fit. By these physical exercised in daily basis, you became healthy and get stronger and able to fight to save yourself and others. By playing game, you get opportunity to get admission in prominent college and universities as well as get good job through sports quota.
    In other hand, you can easily play video game in sitting a place. You have not go here and there and move to play. Its helps to grow up our intellectual power. You have to concentrate on hearing and observing. Video games is based on mental strength.
    Since we know well about the sports and video games. But my query is which is better in our present life, sports and video games?
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    To excel in sports we require both physical as well as mental activity. It gives good exercise to whole body and mind also. Where as playing on a computer needs only mental activity. Some video games won't require much mental activity also. It is purely to pass time. People are getting addicted to these video games and they don't even move out and no physical exercise and fitness problems will arise. I have seen many teenage boys and girls spending hell lot of time in these activities. They don't sleep till 2 AM in the night and won't get till 12 noon. They will miss schools and colleges.
    Too much in any activity is not advisable. Of course if you want to excel in a particular game or sport you have to work hard.
    What I feel is everybody should spare some time for sports and a good time for studies. Then if still you have some time you can try video games. Getting addicted to smartphones and virtual games is not advisable.

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    Sports is better than a Video game.In sports all round development is possible.It makes physically fit.Players ,who take part in sports have to run ,catch and throw.They use legs ,hands,and all sense organs smartly.It also make mentally fit.So many decisions are taken in it.It makes spiritually high.Some times they win ,some times they lose.They know Winning and losing are the parts of sports.On the other hand Video game do not make children active.Children who play it they become in active.It does not help in their growth.
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    I would support the sports rather than video game. Sports may be of any discipline and that should be played out door or indoor. Cricket , football, Hockey, are the big out door games which need big grounds. There are games like Tennis, Kabbadi and Kho kho which need small playing arena. Nevertheless I hate those who keep on gluing to the video games and playing hours together. Games has to be played with the opponents of same caliber and the competition would be hot and challenging. But video games are one sided with no challenges thrown that seriously. Children may get instant attraction to the video games. but they will spoil their eyes for sure and eye sight can be seen in many children of small ages. More over bad characters which are played in video games are imitated in real by the children and that would risk their own life and others lives too.
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    Simple answer: if you're an introvert videogames is better.
    Sports were invented as a medium of making friendly relations. So introverts naturally would like to avoid sports.
    Have you ever seen a healthy and active introvert?
    Whereas the extroverts can direct the players in a group. They enjoy playing with strangers too.
    You see, I conducted an amateur survey. There are approximately equal gamers and sportsmen in my class. And I with means of communication with them concluded that 7/10 gamers are heavily introverted.
    While approximately all the sportsmen are extroverted.
    Sure, one might argue that sports are healthier than games. I fully acknowledge and support that. That's the reason why I play few sports.
    But if you entirely ignore the health part, and talk solely on interest of an individual, then I'd rather play videogames.
    Because humans love to escape reality and it's often observed that people who are terrible at sports ace in videogames.

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    Video games are good for ones concentration and mental exercises but they are not a healthy options specially long duration addictive games.

    Sports are definitely a better option as they provide necessary exercise to us for keeping our body in a good shape and health in a sound state.

    If a person is playing or watching games for a limited time it is an entertaining activity but playing it for a long time addictively till all the demons in the game are killed is not advisable. The video game companies are exploiting our weakness of addictive interest towards these games.

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