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    Is presidential election unnecessary waste of tax money

    Today Shri Ramnath Kovind Ji is elected as 14th president of India, although the results were already fixed before the start of the election since NDA had adequate vote values with them. Still, opposition nominated Shri Meera Kumar Ji as their favored presidential candidate.

    As we know that President of India is decided by voting done by MLA, MPs not by the people of India directly, still I believe elections are too much expensive. Why they do not choose directly in a meeting rather than a formal election.

    Please suggest your views on it.
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    Normally the ruling party would consult the opposition parties and arrive at the consensus candidate for the post of President and even the VP who is occupying the post may also be considered for the President chair. But BJP being new to power with their own strength wants to have its own candidate as the President so that the decision of strategic bills can be acceded without any problem. Moreover I blame the Congress for unnecessarily fielding former speaker Miera Kumar and humiliating her with defeat. So I demand apology from the opposition parties for making Miera Kumar their scapegoat. By the way for the healthy functioning of the government there must be strong President and Vice President so that all government actions are approved and passed by the first Citizen of India and for that expenses does not matter.
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    I agree with you. It is a total waste of money and time. The writing is already on the wall. Then what is the use of election. Everybody counts the votes for NDA and for UPA. Already it is known that the majority is with the ruling party. Opposition might have taken a decision and supported the government candidate. Then it will become unanimous and there will be a win win situation. But this fact even though everyone knows the opposition party gone ahead and filed their candidate. Then election has become inevitable.
    This speaks the elected persons respect towards taxpayers money. They might have used the money what they have spent for elections for a social welfare activity or for development activity. Who bothers. Now the election proved that some of the opposition persons voted for NDA candidate.

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    I don't agree with your point that " presidential election are waste of money" since they provide a fair chance to contestant of other parties to participate and hence keeps alive the spirit of democracy.
    Because in politics most of the things are unpredictable, what we see on television is not always true sometimes tv channels promote that a certain candidate will definately get a majority but that doesn't happen always, since at the last moment it comes to the voter who he chooses at the time of voting not what he says on televison channels.

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    This is a bad culture is spreading nowadays, that is questioning anything and everything without any base. In this world, we have to do something whether want or not. Marriages are to be solemnized simply atleast but some people will ask whether the marriage with expenses are necessary or not. Festivals are celebrated in all parts of our country and many are asking whether such expenses are necessary. Similar to this, this question also raised. Some thing are necessary whether want or not. To stabilize the status of a country some activities are to be done like election etc., these are somewhat necessary in all parts of the world. If this question raised, whether the sports are necessary by spending much money both by conducting parties and witnessing parties. Is it cinema necessary for our poor country.

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    Dear ramachandran sir,

    I am quite rational in my thread, when Presidential election is already fixed, then why we are spending so much of time and energy behind it. Presidential election is much different then MP and MLA elections in India where a single ruling party can decide the first citizen position.

    Now, regarding marriages, festivals and sports they all are private bodies not running from our tax money, its a individual happiness.

    Do you know they have sent those ballet boxes of presidential elections using Air India as a designated passenger not like a cargo, single box transportation costed around 12,000 Rs each.

    Lastly, again our president is with some party political influence then where is neutrality or democracy.

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