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    What is your Internet Speed and who is your Internet service provider?

    I am using Airtel broadband and we had plan of 599rs per month. It was very old plan, we bought it 10-12 years ago. Recently it was 2 MBPS upto 20 Gb and Post 20 gb it reduces to 512 KBPS unlimited. But now My speed is 16 MBPS upto 30 GB and post 30 gb it will be 512 kbps due to fair use policy.

    My internet speed 16 MBPS
    Internet service provider: Airtel broadband
    My State is M.P. City: Indore

    Now Airtel has upgraded speed in many areas of India such as Chennai, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Bhopal, Indore, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Pune and they are upgrading speed upcoming days to Kolkata, Jaipur, Chandigarh, Raipur, Lucknow, Noida, Gurgaon, Delhi, Ghaziabad and Faridabad.

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    What I presume that the internet speed varies from the service provider to service provider and also the plan we choose. I am having cable operated internet who charges me 400 per month. Though the speed promised was more. I am comfortable with the working of internet as I could able to upload or download any kind of contents with ease and the cable network never gave me problem. If at all the cables were snapped due to heavy wind or bad weather or ever snapping of cables due to lorry cutting the same, the operator gives quick service and the complaint is attended forthwith.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I am using BSNL WiMax. Unlimited Home plan. The total monthly payment till last month was Rs940/- which will be now more due to extra rate in GST.

    Initially the speed was very god and I never need to look what was the speed.
    But of late the speed has become very poor. There is no consistency .Added to that I face frequent power interruptions in my place. So when I check the speed with BSNL sppeedtest( I get different results at different times.
    Just now I tested three times the results were("your current bandwidth) 1016 kbps, 0.00 kbps and now 63.60kbps. Sometimes I just do not get the net connectivity. Sometimes I get in a jiffy. So the connectivity has become inconsistent. I use a WiFi router also connected to it.

    While taking connection the brochure connection promised 512 kbps.

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    I am using Paynet Digital Broadband here in Raipur, a local ISP.

    599 Rs plan with 2 MBPS internet speed till 15 GB.
    Post usage 512 KBPS.
    Great speed as per commitment.
    Online bill payment facility and good connectivity.
    Fiber optics broadband.
    Monthly billed 690 Rs. after taxes.

    I happy paynet customer, while Airtel in my office with 1699 Rs plan is really poor in terms of service and connectivity. But since I am using its landline since 10 years I am bonded with Airtel.

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    @ K Mohan
    You can check your speed online speed test results. I do agree, if you are not the residence of top 15-20 cities in India. You may see bad results, because most of those cities are connected to old fiber technologies.

    @ Venkiteswaran
    You live in which city? Yesterday also, i was looking on bsnl pages. When you told, you are paying 900+ rs for 1MBPS connection. I think you need to check results on this bsnl page.
    Plan: BBG Combo ULD 845** you get Upto 4 Mbps till 20 GB, Upto 2 Mbps beyond. It means you get Min 2 MBPS speed after post 20 GB usage and for first 20 GB you get 4 MBPS connection.
    I think you need to reach customer care and do detail enquiry about your plan.

    @ Bishes
    I also had same plan 599rs and 670rs monthly after tax. Now with new airtel Vfiber offer, they are giving new plan for 100 rs more for old customers.
    IN your office, you may have Business airtel plan which may be different from home users. In offices speed reduce drastically due they limit speed on every computer. Don't know about Raipur. I think, it depends on luck as well. Many years ago, when i had no access to internet in Chennai, i bought reliance 256kbps dongle and used it for year in chennai. Later i bought tata photon 3.6 MBPS in Pune 15 GB plan for 1500 rs. Also, used Sim based bsnl 3g dongle. These days competition has gone up and prices also reduced a bit. I hope, the risk we take will finally pay off.

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    @Rahul vide #603737,

    Thanks for the suggestion. I have one day contacted the customer service. They did something and I got better speed. But after a few days again the speed became pathetic.
    I have a problem with the WiFi modem also. So I am no able to pinpoint the exact cause. I shall now test with the LAN cable direct and then contact customer care again.
    ( I also saw the announcement about minimum 2 Mbps)

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    I am using ACT fibernet. Unlimited. Speed is about 16 MBPS. Initially this company is known as Beam internet but now they changed it to ACT fibernet. I stay in Hyderabad. My plan is Rs.6600/- per 6 months + tax.
    The speed is good. The service by the company is also good. Very rarely it gives problem. But any problem reported will be attended and rectified generally within 8 hours. From last 6 months I had no problem. If there is maintenance they will message us in advance and complete within the notified time. Good service.

    always confident

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