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    Do u agree with Any state Govt selling and marketing Alcohol/Liquor

    While entire nation is praising BJP and its leadership and many states like Bihar has banned public sale of liquor and declared as dry state. The state government of Chhattisgarh ruled by BJP under chief minister Raman Singh has passed a bill under which state government will open liquor shops and will do marketing of liquors to citizens.

    State government has opened liquor shops nearby schools, hospitals etc and they are ruthlessly selling liquors despite of huge local protest. Now, politicians are focused on state elections 2019.
    The crime and accident rate has increased, and also in my locality a liquor shop was opened after 6 PM many anti-social elements gather there and we are not able to go outside in night.

    PM Narendra Modi may be doing good work but BJP will loose Chhattisgarh definitely due to their autocratic behavior. Please comment. Is it healthy ? Is it right ?
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    Yes the liquor policy is not uniform across the country. While Bihar has been imposing total prohibition, the AP government is also in a fix over the demand of closing the belt shops which are functioning without the proper licence. Nevertheless those states which sell liquor like Telangana, they earn huge money through taxes and that would help the state to develop further. But what is the use of having total prohibition in one state and free for all sale in other state. Such loop hole policies on liquor bring bad name to the center. PM Modi must see that all the state governments must ban the liquor.
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    This problem is there in many states. There are government liquor shops in some states where they sell liquor. This is not a correct policy. Some states are trying to ban liquor which is good for poor families. But some states are not doing that. The agricultural labourers work hard in the fields and evening they spend that money in liquor shops. Ultimately they have to depend on their wives for their daily food and clothes. I think whole country should have a similar policy like Bihar so that this problem will vanish. But government will not do that because inflow of money in the individual accounts as well as government accounts will come down. A point to be given top priority by central government and do something so that poor families will not suffer
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