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    Travelling alone is great.

    Travelling alone is one of the most underrated pleasures of the world. It feels amazing to be on a journey on your own with no one to bother you, and if it is dark then there is nothing better. Everything feels amazing; you can gaze the stars for hours. Looking at the infinity makes you forget all your problems. It is very peaceful. You start to remember all the bittersweet memories; some make you laugh and some make your eyes wet. You laugh at all the stupid mistakes you made. Listening to music is something amazingly different while travelling; the music sounds more melodious; lyrics make deeper sense; it's beautiful. You are free as a bird with no worries and stress and life seems so peaceful.
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    I cannot enjoy a lonely journey. A journey undertaken in the company of loved ones or close friends is really enjoyable for me. A journey on a fixed errand can be okay as our focus is on the task to be completed. But a leisure tour or excursion is enjoyable only with people w can relate to in some way.

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    I appriciate thr poetic lines by author about a lonely journey.
    A lonely journey is a great adventure and fun to do, but better only when there is no fear of being lost in the wilderness of that infinity which attracts and intimidate us at the same time. But I feel lonely journies always comes with new teachings and learning experience, and one should definately have this experience once in a lifetime.

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    A short journey can be amazing to carry out alone. You remain free from all the boundations having no worry of time and place.
    Loneliness is the gift of god which makes great things possible.
    Lord BUDDHA acquired salvation because of this loneliness. All the learning and ethical values which he obtained! took him to the infinity of the world where there is no desire and therefore no worry.

    I think everyone must surely enjoy this loneliness journey in their life. It can bring great fortune to understand oneself more deeply.
    But inspite of this everyone can't carry this travelling for long days. As he has left his place, people, work which always pinches his brain in passing days. The more he separates the greater he worries. This is also one of the truth of human nature.

    Enjoy your journey in the best way. If you fill comfortable with your family then you must go for it....

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    Well we must walk a distance with a friend or better half so that the walk may not be tedious and the discussions would be fruitful. What I mean to stress here that travelling should not be single or alone. Though we came to this world alone and we go alone at the end, but that does mean that we must shy away from others and wont take others with our journey. During travel anything any can be possible. One of my known relative had the intention of going for religious tour booked by the agent. But the house holds wont allow considering her age of 62 undertaking long journey. However she was made to accompany with other like minded relatives who went on guided tour of visiting so many temples in South India. After having darshan at 11 temples, she collapsed and died and thus her life came to end. Had she gone alone, what would have been the fate ?
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    I am of the opinion that travelling for fun with loved ones and family members will be a better experience than travelling alone. Travelling alone is ok when you are going on business tour or official work. But to have some fun and free from all worries it is always good to travel with someone very close to you.
    When we go for a visit to a new place the happiness we get by visiting that place will increase if you share that with your loved one. When more than one is there they can exchange their sweet memories with each other and enjoy. If any common incidents or moments can be remembered and feel happy. Even bitter moments you can share among you and get some relaxation with others soothing words.
    I travel a lot on my official works and generally I travel alone. But when ever I go on leave I go with my wife and children and will have fun.

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    I think that travelling alone or solo travel, can be a really enriching experience. Though I have never been a solo traveller, my husband and daughter have done it. My daughter, in fact, loves to travel alone and has been seeing Europe, on her own. I, as a parent, was initially worried, but have over a period of time realised that it is something she enjoys doing and that she takes necessary precautions for her safety.

    An ex-student of mine is into solo travelling and she travels alone in India, leaving her daughters in the care of her husband. She has launched a website, describing her experiences and is in the process of publishing a book, based on her travels. She

    My husband and daughter both love the fact that they can do things at their own pace. Stop to do things that they find interesting – they do not have to follow a charted course, like the others or visit touristy places. There is more adventure in travelling alone. I would love to do it some day.

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