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    There is one person who is capable of setting your goals and guide your future. Who is that ?

    In our life we always yearn for a mentor or a guide to take us to the summit of success and then settle in life. During the journey of success we tend to come across so many challenges and tricky situations for which we need a formidable person to advise us. But nothing would succeed unless and until you involve your self. So what I mean to stress here that if your boss change, you may not change, if your friends change, you may not change, your life partner change, you may not change, ultimately if you change, the whole people around you may also imitate you and change. So be a trendsetter for others.
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    Good forum by the author. I always set up my goals and put my efforts , later I believe in god to guide me.
    Mr. SUN Please don't make such comments its open forum, anybody can post any type of views as they are interested in. If your interested in that topic then please respond your views instead of such comments. Everybody in ISC are earning points in one or the other way. This site encourages any valid forum discussion.

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    Yesterday, On the way to my office I just catch a city bus which was over crowded, though I do not able to stand in the crowd due to my back pain problems, I entered into to the bus. When I bought the ticket through the standing persons, I was offered a seat by a sitting person by telling that he was about to getting down in the coming stop. Who sent there to offer me a seat and who helped me in that situation and I surprised that some power only helped me through that person. That supreme power, we believe God and He never comes in person to offer his help or assistance to us as we never believe His presence. A man was traveling in a ship and unfortunately the ship have got hit and broken into pieces. This person got escaped with another as others drowned and died in the sea itself. This man and his associate climbed in the huge rock in which the ship got struck. This man started praying God for help but the other man did not have faith on God and started searching help in other source. Both of them took some wrecked wooden pieces ,made a small place to shelter themselves and took the available food portions from the broken ship. They sustained for three days like this. The other man lost his hope for help from others and started to mock this man for his prayer. On the other day there was some rain and this man started continuing his Prayers to God for help and rescue. Because of a heavy thunder the wooden pieces they heaped for their shelter got fired and ruined totally. The man still was on prayers but the other man mocked him further that only because of his prayer, the available protection also went off. Suddenly in the morning they saw ship found near the stone. The ship crew helped them into the ship and offered food etc., The two men astonished and asked the crew how they identified them. The head of the crew told that they identified them only because of the smoke came from the stone. The man understand the reason for what the God ruined the shelter wood. The associate also realized this and starts to pray. Nobody knows from which side or from whom we get help as the entire thing is decided by HIM.

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    Yes. Mohan is right with his post. We should guide ourselves without expecting others to guide us. We are our own guide. We should set an example to others to follow. We should be a trendsetter to feel proud our activities.
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    For anybody to succeed in life hard work and determination are very important. If we start any activity with a positive note, even though some hurdles comes in between, we will achieve the goal and the divine force will help us as and when required. As mentioned he may not come and visible to you but he will definitely send somebody as his representative and sort out the things for you.
    But without making any attempt if you wait for somebody you may be at a loss. Lord Krishna in his Gita explained Arjuna to do his work sincerely and don't expect the result. Basing on your hard work result will follow. So let all of us keep trying with determination and definitely we will be trend setters.

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    Sometimes in life a person is in distress and doldrums he seeks advice from his mentor, friends and family. Sometimes he gets a concrete advice and sometimes not.

    It is finally his dicision and his will and determination which helps him to succeed. There is one unseen and hidden force in life that is Almighty and whether we believe in God or not that unknown power is their to guide people in most adverse situations.

    Prayer is nothing but to get connected to that unknown entity and no one knows whether his prayers will be considered or not still we pray. It is faith and hope that rekindle the worshipping in a person.

    If one can strengthen him through prayer it is the best way to meet the adversaries.

    Knowledge is power.

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    It is true that in order to get success in life, many feel the need of a mentor or guide to take them to the summit of success. However, they can only guide someone to the path of success but they cannot take one to the summit of success. It is one's strong urge and will-power that put one there.

    In Mahabharata, Dronacharaya was the Guru of the Kauravas and the Pandavas. He taught them the art of weaponry but it was Arjuna who excelled in the art of bow and arrow.

    Then there is the case of Ekalavya whom Guru Dronacharaya refused to teach archery but he was not disappointed. He made a clay statue of the Guru and practised before it. He got so perfection that even the Guru was compelled to ask for his right thumb as 'Guru Dakshina' so that Arjuna could remain as the best archer.

    What led Ekalavya to achieve such a great skill? It was his self confidence, his love for archery and his devotion to his Guru.

    So if we wish to be real trend-setter, we have to grow our self confidence and act judicially so that others can find a reason to follow us.

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    We cannot do away with guidance and suggestions or inspiration source.

    Just as a plant draws nourishment from the soil and atmosphere around it, we also have to draw nourishment from various sources. The source material may be crude, but the plant will draw whatever is needed and suitable to it and process it internally to its specific requirements.

    We also need sources of inspiration and nourishment.But to be an individual of our own, we need to process the inspiration and motivation and guide to our own specific need and suitability.

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