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    Have you ever made the mistake of brushing the teeth with shaving cream as tooth paste ?

    Like in office, we must arrange the things at the right place in the home also. Even if the power goes off for a while, we must able to get what we want even in darkness. But many of us does not follow this simple logic in life and tend to keep the things here and there and when it comes for searching of the same we wont get it. Often we make the mistake of keeping tooth paste and the shaving cream at the same places so that we may not forget to shave for that day. But due to fatigue or sleep disorder, sometime we may use the shaving cream mistaken for tooth paste. Any such experience from your end ?
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    No I have never done it. But the vice versa happened to my father once. He has taken toothpaste for shaving thinking that it is shaving cream. He observed no foam is coming. He called ma and showed me the tube. I noticed it and told him. Then he has washed his face. Again applied shaving cream and completed his shaving without any further problem.
    In my house my wife is very strict. she never allows misplacement of items. So I am very careful and see that i need not face her by doing a wrong placement of items in the house. So I can easily take out whatever I want.

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    NO...No..No... Never. Things at my home are kept in good order. I had been using shaving cake, not cream.. Hence no mixing and confusion of Tooth Paste with Shaving Cream.
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    I have not commited the mistake mentioned in the post. Reason is that I use my toilet soap for shaving purposes. Its foam is found sufficient for me. Till this day I have not purchased any shaving cream nor used it.
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    HaHa good suggestion and discussion from author. I have never faced such situation because I believe in keeping the things in its place. Keeping things in its place gives a different look of your house. I always follow that and see my children also follow the same. Initially my family members had problem with my thinking but now they also agree with me. Where as shaving cream is concerned I keep it different with other shaving accessories. So no confusion with tooth paste.

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    Yes, this has happened in my house. I did not do like that but I was become a cause for my uncle to do so. One time my uncle has come from other city to my house at Madurai. As the tooth paste in the shelf, exhausted I told my uncle to take a new one from my table (I would have taken and given to him), he simply went to the table and took the shaving creme instead of tooth paste in the dim light (It was about 5 o clock in the morning). Later he told me what was the brand as it smells well and give much bubbles. I then by puzzling went to the wash basin shelf and saw it was not the tooth paste but shaving creme. Every body burst into laughter. Since I used to change the tooth paste he did not very cautious in seeing the name etc., since then not only he but every person of our home used to chek the paste before taking in to brush.

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    I did have a much more terrible experience. Once I went to Goa. On the morning of my return, I was late for the flight. So, I quickly started brushing my teeth with Odomos. Fortunately, without much damage I threw the entire thing out. But throughout the flight I had a vomiting tendency.
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    The author has made his point very nicely. Keeping things in their places after using them is the prerequisite for a good housekeeping.

    I am also a firm believer that there should be a place for everything and everything should be in its place. Though in practice we deviate from this golden rule often but it is a thing which if followed properly and fully will help us in saving a lot of time and unnecessary inconveniences in searching the things.

    This is not only true for our homes but equally true for offices, warehouses, shops etc. Keeping things in place gives handosome dividends to us in terms of saving time and peace of mind.

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