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    Shall we have to close our doors to enable opportunity to knock at?

    People always maintain to say that Luck has knocked their door and they utilised it. There is a saying - 'If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door'. But certain people are there who blame themselves saying their luck has not favoured them and waiting for an opportunity. Our religious belief is that the Lord is an uninvited Guest for them and their doors are always open for Him. In true terms Guest is God who is always welcome. Same is the case here; the doors be open for every opportunity, you don't know which one may favour you and change your life. If you don't look at things with an open mind, everything would be a closed door and you have to wait for someone to knock to test your luck.

    Be open to all. The true winner doesn't wait for an opportunity to knock his door but tried to create the opportunity to make a winning goal. Such people don't sit and wait for the opportunities to knock at; instead they desperately go in search of opportunities and put in all their efforts to make things happen. Isn't it?
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    It is a good posting and I appreciate the author for his way of presentation.
    If the doors are opened the luck will come to you if you are entitled for it. Even you are unprepared and not even expecting any luck in other words if you close your doors also the luck will knock at the door. This is what I understand from the above lines. So in very bad times of your life also be hopeful and God will certainly help you and he will see that you will be out of problems. If we expect guests we will keep the doors open. If somebody is knocking on the closed doors means he is unexpected. Similarly when you feel that you have lost all the way and nobody can help you and you have completely closed all the doors also God will knock at the door. Be prepared for that you will be out of woods The point is don't lose hope at any cost, you will be blessed by God/

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    Very meaningful and appreciative post by the author. What the author has mentioned in the forum is 100% true. I have heard many people talking the same way as author has mentioned. I believe that we should work hard for it and leave the result to god.

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    Who has asked us to close the door. Those who are coming in or even the opportunities coming in would have the etiquette to knock the door and then enter our premises. So whether keeping the door closed or open does not matter, but the opportunity must come running towards us. In this regard I want to share a bill board put up at AOC campus in Secunderabad which states that , " If the opportunity does not knock the door, build a new one ". That is quite interesting. One should not pin hope on opportunity and even if we does not get it, move for other opportunities which are eagerly waiting for us.
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    Luck from God need not come in human form through the main entrance by knocking the doors or not knocking the doors. Luck is like electronic waves that penetrate into our house and reach any nook and corner of the house . If the luck comes in the form of a letter, it will be carried by a postman or courier boy who would knock the door or press the calling bell whether the door is opened or closed.
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