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    ISC Jallikattu ONE - Results

    Dear Members,
    ISC 's Jallikattu ONE was conducted successfully. Though the number of participants(6) were comparatively less than the Monsoon Mania(21), as it did not have any cash prize to the winners. it was an encouraging Bull Fight with six participants. The Bull fighters and the number of Bulls they fought successfully are as below.

    Mohan & Vamar - 7 Bulls each (Best Bull Fighters)
    Dr, NV Srinivasa Rao & Juana - 4 Bullls each
    Soundharya - 3 Bulls
    Padmini - 1 Bull.

    The Bulls participated in this Bull fight are :

    1. Anger
    2. Charm
    3. Dare
    4. Lose
    5. Mate
    6. Note
    7. Purse
    8. Rare
    9. Stream
    10. Thin

    I have said that I followed a system/pattern. That is the appearance of the bulls in an Alphabetical order - ACDLMNPRST.

    Mohan and Vamar are the ' Best Bulll Fighters' of Jallikattu ONE. Heartiest Congratulations to Mohan and Vamar. They will receive a gift from the ISC virtual gift shop.

    Members, Congratulate the Bull Fighters.

    Jallikattu TWO will be 'ON' on 15th August 2017. Be prepared for the fight.
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    Thank you Mr.Master Sun. Congratulations to Mohan and Vamar for winning virtual gifts. I will try my best in the second Jallikattu TWO.
    always confident

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    At least, I got some correct answers. I expected the pattern to have to do with words related to Jallikattu, hence, selected words keeping in mind the things associated with it and the agitation that took place on the Marina.

    I would never have guessed your pattern. I see this as a game of chance, but glad to note that your selection of words does not include misspelt words or words that have no meaning. Well done. I look forward to the next round of the game.

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak" - Michael Garrett Marino

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    I heard the first time such a contest in ISC. I didn't know about curious to participate in jallikattu Two. Congratulations to the winners for their success.

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    Sun, I am glab to be a winner of Jallikattu one game. I congratulate Mr. Mohan also for being a winner of ghis game. Looking forward for next game - Jallikattu two.

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    My hearty congrats to Vamar - along with me scoring 7 Bulls each (Best Bull Fighters) and won this contest organized by Sun. My appreciation also goes to Dr, NV Srinivasa Rao & Juana -for winning 4 Bullls each, Soundharya - for winning 3 Bulls and Padmini - 1 Bull. The contest was very interesting.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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