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    Man stepped on moon for the first time on this day.

    Today, 21st July is a very special day as far as human race is concerned. It was on this day in 1969 man put his first step on moon's surface. Astronaut Neil Armstrong was the man who got this opportunity. This day, 21st July is now celebrated as Moon's day.
    Neil Armstrong with two other astronauts Edwin Aldrin and Michael Collins travelled in spacecraft which landed on the surface of the moon on 20th of July 1969. Next day Armstrong got down onto the Moon's surface. Later Aldrin also got down. Collins stayed back in the space craft controlling it.
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    Great forum raised by the author. I recollected my social studies school topics once again. These are the facts we remember only when somebody reminds us or if we are teaching children with that subjects.

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    Great to remember that historic moment for the entire world when Neil Armstrong with two other astronauts Edwin Aldrin and Michael Collins entered the moon and Neil had his foot print registered on the moon on 21 st June 1969. Probably I was just 6 years old.
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    A great day for the people on the earth to feel a touch of Moon on this day. 1969 is a year of great achievement. Nice to remember and feel proud of the names Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins.
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    It is a great day to remember. The Moon's day. A day to feel proud of the achievement Yesterday in New York the bag used by Mr.Armstrong to collect models on moon was auctioned for 18,12,500 dollars.The auction was conducted as 48 years completed from the day man stepped on Moon.
    A good post by the author.

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