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    Fail network service

    Three months back I had ported my connection from Vodafone to JIO hearing positive reviews but after porting I had to face many problems like it didn't support my cell phone, so I had to change my cell phone. I had to because the sim works only on 4G handset. After all that always signal is offline. In fact my house is in central place of city, still there is network problem in JIO. Now I am thinking why did I change my network. There are lot of drawback's in JIO sim.
    1. You should have 4G handset only.
    2. If your using WiFi at home then JIO will go to offline and you will not receive any call from that number. Other sim networks are better because if you use Wifi it doesn't affect your incoming an outgoing calls.
    I am waiting when my 3 months offer is exhausting then planning to shift the network. Just fed up with this network.
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    But many say JIO is giving a better service. I think today Reliance has announced smartphone also with connection for Rs.1500/-. But your observation is something different from this. I think the service is varying from place to place. In Hyderabad now every alternative person is having a jio connection. Now it may go further after today's announcement.
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    You are right. There are many issues with Jio sim and even the ordinary Reliance connection which I am using. The network fails even in the center of the city. I thought jammers were installed in that particular area and that is why my cell is not working. But when I switch off and switch on the network gains. Reliance is only interested in publicity and not caring about the services. There is a cell tower just stone throw away from my residence and sometimes the network is off. If we travel across the Hussain Sagar, the cell does not work. That means the Reliance network fails where ever there are water bodies.
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    Though lot of publicity is made by Reliance for Jio but it is also giving problem at some particular places in the city. Sometimes signal is dropping also.

    Anyway most of the time it is giving good service at a very high speed which is quite good for volume users. Reliance has brought a tough competition in market by offering 1GB data daily for a monthly charges of only about Rs 150 through its various plans and other service providers are in a fix and following the suit.

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