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    The generation of forks

    Forks, we use this in almost all hotels and houses nowadays. Initially it was the Greek, used this in vogue. This is actually hails from Itali. During the marriage of Henry II, the forks were introduced in France through Itali. Then the introduction of forks happened in England through a tourist Mr.Thomas Gayott. Now in many places the forks are available in conch, wood, silver and Gold.
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    The story of forks has been well informed by the author. By seeing the details it seems forks were used since long back and without forks eating hard food has become impossible even today. Not every one is habituated with hand eating.
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    An interesting history of a household item.
    It's amazing how many tools we humans devised.
    These items must have developed in accordance to the diet of the location.
    Europeans ate meat a lot. So they need to cut and separate their food. Asians eat rice a lot. Hence most Asians use chopsticks to eat.
    Centuries went by. The design and material used changed. But they fundamentally are serving the same purpose.

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    But in my opinion nothing is better than our hand for eating. Whatever tools you use the eating will not be as easy as with hands. The fingers can be folded as required and hence it is very convenient for eating with hands.
    However the author has given good information about the tool. Nice.

    always confident

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