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    When you receive the guest at odd hours and how to tackle with their dinner arrangement ?

    Normally we plan the visits to our relatives and friends well in advance and our minute to minute movements are made known to them through massages. Some times the delay would be enormous and we reach the destination very late probably very late in the night. Though the host must have prepared the dinner kept ready, but our coming was indefinite, the food have become stale. In that case how to tackle the situation and make arrangement for their food. Remember even the hotels would be closed at odd hours ?
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    It is very simple. Keep them engaged by one of the members of the house by talking to them. The other members can go inside and start preparing fresh. If the material already made can be heated in a oven do that. Electric cooker will keep the rice always warm only. Make a vegetable dish fresh. Curds will not get spoiled. Sambar can be heated on gas stove and definitely it will not get spoiled by reheating. So it is not a very big problem.
    However as per your posting the Guest is informing every moment about your journey. So the hosts can plan for food in such a way that the food will not get spoiled even though the guests are delayed by a few hours.

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    With the availability of Gas stove, electric heaters, micro oven etc, it is very simple to make a quick time dish. With the availability of pressure cooker, we can cook rice within 10 minutes. Always have Rava ready at home. It takes no time to make it into a grand dish' Rava Uppuma" that can be eaten with sugar and a banana. This is what we follow in our home. Else, have readily available Idli or Dosa mix. It serves the purpose.

    Not to worry about midnight guests and their dinner. There are many solutions to solve their hunger.

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    If it is already known that the guest is coming, naturally we will prepare food for him. Perhaps the food item may be chosen something which can be consumed even if intake is delayed. Or it could be something like items which be prepared instantly. There are several means to face such a situation.
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    Late coming guests are always a source of embarrassment that also in night time. Still as per our Indian culture we can not think of not providing food and basic amenities to them.

    Due to modern gadgets available in most of the households it is not difficult to prepare a few items in short time for such guests. In fact in every house there are some items already available in the kitchen which can be heated and offered to them. Sometimes in emergency a large proportion of readymade condiments is also admissible.

    The guests also are a bit concerned about their odd hour knocks on the doors and will be accommodative to that extent.

    So in todays world it is not a big issue at all

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