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    When the sudden holiday declared would become blessing for us as we may finish the pending works.

    Many a time we plan to attend to some pending works since long and the time wont permit and even the leave is not given by the office. But sometimes the sudden holiday declared by the management through some big rallies and dharnas held before the office to close the same for the day would bring some blessing to us as we want to finish those works which were waiting for our presence since long time. Have you ever experienced sudden holiday and attended to other important works on that day ?
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    When I was working in a factory as general manager, the villagers used to declare a bundh in that village for some reasons all of a sudden. for that day A group of people used to come and ask us to close the factory. I used to call their leaders inside and discuss with them the issues and offering tea etc. By doing this I am purchasing sometime to extend the production activity. By the time all this drama is over it used to be around 12 Noon and first shift employees might have completed their norms of production. Then we used to ask the people who completed their norm to go. I used to send the villagers back saying that we will be closing the production. The 2nd shift people used to come at 2PM by that time these villagers will be going away and we will be having our full production on that day also. This is how we were managing for suddenly declared holidays. Even on that day also no chance for me and in fact it was very hectic on that day. On that we will not be using any syron to indicate shift starting and ending.
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    Anything as a change in the routine is always a thing to welcome and a sudden holiday is not an exception.

    It gives us a lot of opportunities to prepone many of our pending works and the outcome at the end of the day is really glorious. The whole family is in joyous mood and expect some special favour of getting outing or cinema or eating out type of things and everyone is seeing the mood and gestures of the master of the house in this respect.

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    This used to happen during school time. I would get ready for my school and wait for the bus. At that time, getting a phone call from a friend that school is off today for a certain reason was a very pleasant feeling. I used to enjoy the day by playing cricket most of the time. Then, going to sleep after getting extremely tired felt amazing. Sweet memories!
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