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    What's the site about ?

    So I am Gokul. I am from Pondicherry and have some interest in Political issues and society in general. I am new here and hope to spend a wonderful time. This thread is basically to get guidance from other members here to help me get started.
    Thank you.
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    Welcome Gokul Aravindh. This site is an education site. All the members can learn from other members. If you see on the top of the page there is a blue bar. On that you will find the names of various sections. First you click on the section "More". A list will drop down. You will find Help topics. Click on that. The help topic section will open. You read those topics which will give you all details about the site and how to use this site will be known to you. Then start reading various threads that are being posted in the site. What you feel about that subject you can mention as post. It will be interesting. But always follow the rules and regulations in responding or posting a new post. Similarly you can read all articles and ask expert answers and start posting in those sections also. For your work you may get some rewards also which are quite encouraging. If you are interested you can post in jobs section also.

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    Thank you sir. I will do my best. Hope to have a good qualitative time over here.

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    Gokul warm welcome to this site. First of all try to understand the purpose and reason for establishing this site. Basically this channel is dedicated to the students to improve their knowledge and express their reservations and issues in this forum and append articles of their own interest for the benefits of others. Learn and earn is the concept of this site. That means by sharing quality threads and articles of your own creation you will start earning some decent amount every month. How much can you earn all depends on how much you can contribute content wise in many sections like forum, ask experts, jobs, India section and so on. One thing is sure , we expect original creation of the author and no acceptance of copied content from any site. As long as you are true and beneficial with real contents, there is no dearth for earning money, awards and rewards.
    K Mohan
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    K Mohan
    Sure sir. I will try my level best. With the guidance of experienced persons like you I will try to post quality content. Kindly inform me of of any violation I make through forums and messages of the mistakes I make during initial posts. It will enrich my understanding about the site. I am just a day old into it and trying to get into the nuances. Thanks a lot.

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    Surely myself and other senior members of this site would certainly guide you by pointing out mistakes and errors and that kind of tutorial shall go long way to inculcate confidence in you. Your vocabulary and English content raising ability seems to be abundant and all that needs is the right way of guiding and putting you in right track to get benefited and win awards by sharing in this site.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Welcome aboard ISC. You have chosen the best platform to stand and perform. Kindly follow the guidelines and advice rendered by the members in the previous responses. I am sure, you will perform well at ISC by learning, sharing and earning.. Wish you all the best, our dear Golkul Aravindh

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