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    Aryan Dravidian debate has again come to focus - Is there an end to it?

    The century old Aryan Dravidian debate has again come to the fore. Recently Articles publishing about the debate surfaced in leading journals. Karnataka is thinking of a separate flag. we have linguistic and cultural protest against imposition of the so called "Hindutva". Right from Jallikattu protest to Karnataka state flag issue there is resurgence to Dravidian protectionism against Aryan pride. Genetic research is going to study the DNA of who is Aryan/ Dravidian. According to me these debates must be put to rest as both Dravidianism and Aryanism stand for certain cultural values and nothing more. We must start agglomeration which is common to both cultures and put an end to these debates entering into Political and Economic spheres. So what do you think friends?
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    I believe in races but Aryan Dravidian theory is way too convincing. See, Indus Valley civilization did exist but it was out of Indian mainland. And most Aryan deities and practices are uncannily similar to European ones. Then who inhibited the mainland India?
    The truth shall never be known.
    As for the flags, provinces deserve a flag, but a state under a sovereign doesn't. And I don't see a purpose of proposing a new flag in Karnataka. Flags are meant to unite people not divide them.

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    I agree with the author that we should forget Dravidianism and Aryanism. We all should work together and see that India will progress. There is no point in each state having their own flags. Central government should take this issue seriously and act tough on that.
    Let us not get into unnecessary issues spoiling culture of our Hinduism. Already many unnecessary issue are being raised by politicians for their votes and make the advantage for their progress. So we all should understand and should not raise new topics to add on to the existing fire.

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    Over the years , the rulers in Delhi never cared for the aspirations and demands of the South and the center always forced some decisions on South India without even consulting then. South Indians are deeply influenced by Dravidian culture and that is evident even today. The unrest on imposition of Hindi, the Kannadigas wants to have separate flag and today I have seen Lingayats want separate religious recognition. All these gives rise to fresh bids by other groups demanding their own share of prominence in Dravidian culture. So center must understand the demands of South and passify accordingly.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Lot of people give many theories on that.

    These days one program is coming on Star plus every saturday-sunday @9.00pm in hindi. Name of the program is Aarambh on Aryan-Dravid culture. Aarambh was started on 24 june 2017 written by K. V. Vijayendra Prasad
    writer of Bahubali and Bajrangi bhaijan etc.
    Last episode: Due heavy losses in day 1 war, Arya and Dravid mutually agreed to make final result with the help of only two fighters fighting from each side. Fighters from Arya side was Varun dev and from Dravid side Queen Devsena. But both of them was in love and had to kill each other.
    Episode before: On Day1 Dravid king (devsena father) fainted and Arya Varundev was not able to kill him due sun was set and Arya don't fight after sunset. Instead varundev gave him water and helped him. Because dravid king was faint, he was not aware about that of what varundev did. Due to varundev act, king was given death in dravid culture. To give him kings honorable death, his daughter dev sena killed his father. That's why devsena hated varundev and selected him to fight and tried to kill him.

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    The points raised are very well accepted except some of which I have mentioned below.
    Aditya Mohan
    I expected someone to bring the history of IVC into this debate though the topic is not exactly about the origins of aryan Dravidian race. Anyway there are some points which we need to ponder upon. IVC culture included parts of utter Pradesh, Punjab, J&K, Gujarat which were very much part of Indian mainland. After keezhakudi ASI research the IVC Dravidian link theory has weakened. But coming to deities. It is completely true and I agree certain aryan symbols were similar to Europe. This is the very basis for Eurasian origin to aryan tribe and the famous Swastik symbol of nazis has strengthened. The point is though aryans were from Central Asia no were in part of world aryans developed caste system. This clearly shows that aryans had links with local people and took some values from the Some of who might have been Dravidians. So this clearly proves aryans had some harmonious relationship with Dravidians which is needed presently.
    I completely agree with ur views in flag.

    Dr Srinivasa Rao
    Sir I agree with except that we must do that no for Hinduism but for our national integration.

    K Mohan
    Sir central government is betraying even northern parts.
    1. Why many tribes in northern India were killed in the name of Maoism when it is proved that many don't even know what Maoism is?
    2. AFSPA - the draconian act. What can be more inhuman. We are blessed central government hasn't used on us.
    The point is everywhere central government wanted to bring into a common way of life, Governance and everything without doing any detailed public opinion and analysis.

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    The debate will continue.
    Analysis of the data of the Genetic test conducted on our people demonstrated that upper caste people have higher affinity to Europeans than Asians
    There is archaeological evidence to back this up. Bordering North India, there is Taklimakan Desert and region of the desert known as Tarim basin is known to contain preserved remains of what has been prescribed as European mummified remains. The oldest is 4000 years old Europeans with later one being mixed race. Genetic test was carried out on these mummies and they were found to belong to 'Haplogroup R1a".
    The highest frequency of Y- Haplogroup R1a is found in certain caste group of today. This peculiar observation shows this caste groups lineage to Europeans.
    The word Arya is borrowed from Sanskrit meaning noble. Initially the name was used as a national name to designate those who worshiped Vedic deities (Indra) and followed Vedic culture (performance of Yajna)
    Arya means ALTAR means highest place to sacrifice.
    Another interesting interpretation is ARROW. They were archers, another variant of shooters.
    Vedic civilization introduced caste system. Why the caste system introduced is perplexing. Many scholars believe that Caste system introduced in the society to utilize natural resources effectively so that civilization can prolong indefinitely. Each caste group has prescribed to do certain duties. Hence utilization of resources was limited to those caste groups only. Many civilizations collapsed due to over utilization of natural resources.

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    The problem is in India haploid R1a genome proportion is found to be high even in some australoid and Dravidian groups also in India. The study of genome of Indian populations cannot be deduced from a single genome. Because the caste system has made the study complex. In India there are 8 recognised forms of marriages. Some gotta prefer exogamy while some prefer endogamy. The Indian reproductive history is too complex to come to any conclusions. And even in caste system there are large scale aberrations. Pushyamitra sunga a Brahmin has become ruler which is the role of Kshatriya. The great Magadha empire had shudra people ruling in several dynasties. Mahavira and Buddha are both Kshatriyas but took to philosophy and teaching which is the role of brahmana. Further we had Greek, hunts, mongol, etc.. invasions and even they were admitted into caste system after initial outcasting them as mlechas.
    Anyway I agree that Vedic group had links to European aryan branch.
    Finally I again submit here that the debate is not about origin but their relevance to present politics.

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    Present day Indian population is a mix of ancient North and South bearing the Genomic contributions from two distinct ancestral populations - Ancestral North Indian (ANI) and ancestral South Indian (ASI)
    The initial settlement took place 65,000 years ago in Andaman and south India around the same time, which lead to population growth in this part. At a later stage, 40,000 years ago, Ancient North Indians emerged, probably; they pushed from Taklimakan Desert region, which in turn lead to rise in numbers there.
    At some point of time, both ANI and ASI mixed, giving birth to a different set of population. And that is the population which exists now and there is a genetic relationship between the populations within India.
    ANIs are related to western Eurasians and ASIs do not share any similarities with any other populations across the world.

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    As per modern days 19 century thinkers suggest. Dravid was near Sindhu river (current pakistan) and Aryan came from other part of Sindhu river to invade current India and to make Aryavrat. Where as some scholars think, Arya was residence of India and traveled to other part of world like china, europe, middle east, african etc. Well i am waiting to watch next episode of Aarambh, what happens in Arya-Dravid war.

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    Sorry I could reply as I am not having much knowledge of Arambh tv series. But yes there is a confusion on both view points of where aryans came from. Genetic research is going on to find the truth.

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