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    NEET Vs Tamil Nadu state board- what must be the real debate?

    For the past few months none of us would have missed the issue of neet and medical admissions in Tamil Nadu. There were several issues discussed like rural vs urban students, why sudden imposition of neet? Can we get exemption to TN, Is CBSE better than TNSB? etc.. No doubt these are important issues. But I think we are missing a larger debate. Some questions which were not raised like.
    1. What is actually required for a student to pursue medicine?
    2. What type of skills are required for a student?
    And there is an assumption that neet toppers are better than tnsb toppers as 12th marks can be obtained by wrote memory. But the case is even neet just makes a student expert in facts and solving problems and not in concepts. I had mates from both entrance and tnsb students. Entrance based students face problem in writing a descriptive answer. All they can do is get answer from a given set of data or some facts. So the real debate is which skill set is better. Wrote memory or aptitude?
    The above issues were not discussed in media. What are your views friends? Are we asking the right questions?
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    NEET exam is to bring all the students of this country under one umbrella. Earlier days each state is conducting entrance test and allotting the seats. But I am not fully aware of the procedure in Tamil Nadu. The point here is the test for all students in this country for medical course should be one. Either it is board or CBSE they will give the qualification to the student. But the net course eligibility will be same for all the students is same that is NEET. This is what I understand from this.
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    Owing to glaring irregularities on the way to pursue the Medicine course, it was found by the center that it has become imperative to have the common entrance test for those BiPC students who can be pooled and given the National access for conducting the exam on CBSE pattern. So this time the exam was held without any problem and the NEET results were the testimonial. Tamily Nadu was not convinced by the imposition of NEET on the state subject students as it feared many wont fare well. For that matter even my daughter was having the state syllabus in Telangana and fared very well in the NEET exam and scored good rank. It all depends on the interest of the candidate. When you compete in All India basis , the real talent and knowledge comes out. Any student who are attentive in the intermediate classes, they are bound to perform very well.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Response to #603834
    My heartily congratulations for your daughter. I have many Telugu friends. They are having coaching in AP state where for about 4-5 years they are going to coaching to entrance exams. In all most in most IIT and NIT and all India institutes like my JIPMER or AIIMS the proportion of Teleugu students are very high. When enquiried they told me that in AP and Telengana some start going to coaching at tight from 8th standard. Compare this with TN students who spend almost fulll time on TNSB. No Most don't prepare for any entrance test.
    Exactly but in my college I don't find any difference between those who have got good marks in entrance exams and people from TNSB. Just both are different in their skill set. One has developed memory power and the other has developed aptitude. But the question is how these skillls are relevant?

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    Sorry Gokul there is nothing connected to coaching class and getting good rank in the NEET. What we have been taught to our daughter to be regular to the classes , attentive with listening, take notes and above all attempt all the weekly tests and exams without fail. Luckily her every progress were monitored by us and also the college management and right from the beginning she has been maintaining the tempo. What this implies that without taking to tuition and extra classes one can manage to study well out performing others even in this competitive world. For that candidate interest is utmost important.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    NEET is injustice to the students from state board schools. If NEET is the only criteria then why I should go for school, instead of that I will go to coaching center alone. Students should be admitted based on marks from academic as well as NEET score. Give 50% to academic score and 50% to NEET. This is the reasonable solution for this issue. Implement common syllabus across country before implement common entrance exam. Don't know why politicians don't have this basic skill. This government makes rich people as richest and poor people as poorest. Education comes under state government and don't know why central government put their nose unnecessarily. Also most of the Medical colleges run by state government and not by central government.

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