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    Can we have more forum heads to discuss?

    First of all I am a newbie and may be too naive to start a discussion like this. May be I ignorant. Kindly correct me if I am wrong. The point is under forum heads we have only four debatable topics like politics, education , sports and general. Rest about ISC. Even in article section there are few more heads. Can we add few more sections like "Science" or " society" or "Philosophy" for example in forum.It will immensely increase the member base of the site too. The quality of debates will also increase and we can get more people interested in them. This is just my observation.
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    It is a good suggestion from you. It may be possible to increase the topics in forum section as well as in other sections also. But the Web Master has to take a decision on it. Editors decision is also important. If the topic are further increased it may become more focused. What are the opinions of other members?
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    Good suggestion. But...... We are quite contented with what we have. There are many sub heads under the main heads. If we make more in number heads/subheads, it will become a kichedi of ISC. Put all the other things that you desire to post, under the General/Misceallaneous head.
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    Earlier also the issue has been discussed. I also raised a thread seeking more Heads/Sub-heads in Forum Section. But the request was not acceded to, most probably because of some technical difficulties.
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    You are welcome to discuss anything in this forum under general heading and Misc category so that discussions could be held and nice participation from various members expected.
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    I think ISC is fine with only general category only. Because few dozen post come every days and category does not affect ranking. But more heads may cause issue for editors.

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