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    Are you ready to take a holy dip. Tomorrow is Aadi Amavasya to worship our elders who passed away.

    Dear All,
    Tomorrow is Aadi Amavasya (New Moon Day). This day has a spepciality. On this day, we go to some waterborne area and perform rituals to our passed away elders viz Father, GFather, GG Father ,Mother, GMother,GG Mother etc. We take a holy dip either in a sea or river or lake or pond where the purohits sit and perform the rituals for us. We need to remember our ancestors names, and tell it to the Purohit when he asks us to spell it. So start getting the names of your passed away family members.
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    In our area also on amavasya of Ashada Masam the people who don't have their parents living will perform this rituals. They may not go to the riverside. They call two purohits to the house and as per their guidance the program will be performed. After completing the pooja, the two priests will have their lunch in our house. In this ceremony the names of parents and grand parents and grand grand parents will be spelled wile the puja was going on. But people who are having their parents alive should not do this.
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    Dr, NV Srinivasa Rao,
    Not that everyone can call purohits to home to perform this ritual. There may not be that many number of purohits or pujari's available to attend home functions. On this particular day, one purohit will be conducting rituals for many hundreds from morning till evening. People would stand in the queue and await their turn. The pujari will carry all the essentials to conduct the rituals, especially the holy Dharba grass. People need to take a dip or bath and a pay some sum to the Pujari. That's all. It is a prosperous money generating day for the Pandits/Purohits/Pujaris

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    Normally we the brahmins would perform the Tharpanam in the name of father and their fore fathers on every Amavasya and this time it is Aadi Amavasya which has more importance. In fact there is a printed matter available for us readily and we have to just change the star of the day and that is enough as other content would be same. It will take 25 minutes for performing the rituals to the father, his father and his grand father and his mother, grand mother and great mother. We also perform the ritual for the maternal side of three generations every amavasya and on that day only one time food is taken.
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