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    Time has come again to show our biggest strength to the world.

    The situation in our northern part of the border is not peaceful neither the action of our respected neighbors Pakistan and China. If one side Pakistan is violating the ceasefire and continuing the proxy war, the other side China is flexing his muscles in northeast border where our army is having standoff face to face with them. Chinese media is keep warning/challenging us through different medias. Not only that, recently Chinese media has played the 'religious' word in our nationalism to divide our biggest strength which is "Unity in Diversity", known to the world. These all tactics from China is being made just to make us weak.

    We as Indian do not want war and would like to resolve border dispute by dialogues, this has been said again and again by our Government. We know our soldiers and we do not need any certificate from anyone. We as Indian have full faith and strong believe on them so let them do their duty and let us do our duty.

    Friends, in this urgent situation, we have to keep moral high to our brothers in border. And, we can only do this when we can unite ourselves. Let's keep our religious and other differences a side and stand with them and country. We may not stand in border like them but we can surely send them the message that we are one people and one nation. I am sure, we will do it once again and show the world why India is called "Unity in Diversity".

    The time has come to prove us once again.
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    Yes. It is time to say that we are all Indians and we strive for the progress of our country. When the question of country comes we should keep all our difference away and we should work for the country. Our soldiers who are standing at the borders leaving all their families away safeguarding our Nation. We should always be behind them.
    As an Indian we should stop buying China material even though we are getting at a lesser price. That will weaken China economically and will not dare to war with us. We should implement this 100% with immediate effect.
    Government can also ban imports from China and see that their goods can't be sold in our country.
    Pakistan is another country which is provoking our soldiers. We all know they can always give a fitting reply to the soldiers on the other side of the border. So let us all unit and say Jai Javan.

    always confident

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    China and Pakistan are just trying to break the growth of Indian development. On one side Pakistan can't control it's terrorist activities and on other side China can't observe India to become a new global market. Pakistan is actually rival of BJP government and it's political tactics. The fame that India is gaining from the global leaders is hurting both the countries. Inspite of all help to Pakistan and providing market to China, both countries are keen to destroy India.

    This is a condition of national emergency but also our government is capable to look through it. We must believe in our government with this regard.

    Our soldiers are brave and their sacrifice just for the sake of mischief done by our neighbors must not go in vain. They are losing precious life just because our progress can't be looked by neighbors is totally wrong. This silly activities conveys only the message that their is some problem in the mental status of our neighbors.

    As a responsible citizen we must encourage all the activities taken up by our government in strengthening the nation. The tax which must be used to provide food and shelter to the needy people is being invested on buying heavy arms and missiles. This is totally because of evil acts of terrorist and showing off. To stand with developed countries the wastage of money is correct.

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    The problem is not very simple. Let take doklam dispute for example. India never claims any territory officially in this region according to LAC agreements(though mc Mohan line dispute is yet to be solved). China constructs military roads into dokhlam. The region is disputed between Bhutan and China. Bhutan requests India help and Indian army is pressed into service to stop construction. We have special relationship with Bhutan. But China has told India it is none of India's business to stop constructions. India then went to say that china must stop constructions in a strategically important area.
    The above issue is known to everyone. But we must clearly see the rhetoric in China has increased. China has took 1962 war to India in rhetoric. This new low is determined by various factors like Silk Road stand off. The problem is even in trade both compete making less way for track 2 diplomacy. Track 3 diplomacy has been ruled out officially by Chinese though Indian side has said the opposite.
    The Pakistan dispute is too familiar to repeat.
    But these differing perceptions need to be built upon during special representative meetings. Indian and Chinese troops frequently transgress each other border in Ladakh region but there is a mechanism to defuse them. There the border changes freque due to glacial events. In dokhlam area as border is clearly demarcated both sides didn't felt the need to develop such mechanisms. The present dispute must be seen as an opportunity to resolve or rectify the past mistake rather than seeing it as an issue of Sovereignty by both sides. It leaves very less space for headway and may lead to deadlock.
    The Pakistan dispute can be softened only if India invokes Gujarat doctrine with Pakistan too.
    India has presently took realism as part of its foreign policy which may be dangerous at times and it is like a double edged sword.

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    Either too India was concerned about Pakistan intrusion and its terror attacks on Indian soil. Now India has to worry about China which creating border tension in NE part of India. India has to rush the striking team to the NE border hilly areas so that any intrusion from China can be thwarted. China should remember the past when they lost in 1972. India is more stronger and determined with new force, new weapons, new technology and the young boys in armed forces are eagerly waiting for a war to happen. Therefore Pakistan and China should not test the patience of India and that will be demerit to them only.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Majority of the Indians are sincerely doing their job. In case of national emergency, there is no doubt that they will do much more than what is required. But the problem is with the fifth-columnists. We have to effectively deal with the descendants of Jaichand and Mir Zafar. My previous thread in this regard refers:-
    fifth columnists

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    India should bring in fresh laws against those who are the pertinent threat to the National security and their statements could trigger war escalation. There are some political leaders who has the guts to travel to our enemy countries and participate in their debates against India. Why should our country protect them and allow them to live here criticizing our own policies. Government should immediately cancel their citizenship and deport to those countries for whom they support. Moreover government should not respond or give rejoinders to such statements issued by anti Nationals.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    There is no problem of some individuals and high political people meeting Chinese officials. This is known as track 3 or secret diplomacy. The concept is this. When two countries are at extreme loggerheads and are not in a situation to compromise a little they send their opposition leaders, sports persons and some non governmental people to meet the other side. Their meetings will be kept in secrecy to not flare up the issue to media. There will be only a mention of their meeting.
    This concept was first developed by US and Chinese governments. On the peek of Cold War when capitalism vs communism debate was fuelling rage on civil society of both nations US sent one of its sports team(table tennis) in the disguise of participating in a meet to fuel diplomatic discussions. It was a huge success. Chinese stopped supporting Russia and it led the biggest rift in communist block. The event led to citizens from both sides to lower their rage for the other nation giving space for the official engagements between US and China.
    This was done by India and Pakistan many times. The intelligence officials work closely with each other to plot a meeting. But it has its own limitations. The government at both sides must really have will power.

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