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    Gurus are necessary for our lives.

    Gurus are necessary for us.They are the persons ,who leave great impact on our lives.They motivate us.They show us right path.In their guidance,we do good in lives.Gurus may be alive or dead,They guide us.The epics and books ,which are written by gurus are sources of our strength.Swami Viveka Nand is my guru.The books ,which are written by him,are sources of knowledge for me.The educational theories ,which is given by him is used by me as a teacher.Please ,share" Who are your Guru"?
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    Guru is a path shower for us in our life. When we are in dark he will show us the light. When we are in sorrow he will make us happy with his soothing words. What we eat, what we live and what we have , everything is because of Guru only.
    Everybody needs Guru in his life to guide him. All teachers who taught us starting from Alphabets to the level what we studied are our Gurus in our life. We should respect them.

    Spiritual Gurus likes Sri Sankaracharya, etc are the walking Gods. They are so polite and humble yet powerful.
    Aadi Guru is Sadasiva. Sankaracharya is in the middle and finally my Guru. These are all the Gurus I have. My salutations to all these series of Gurus.

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    A guru can be anyone who taught us some important lesson in life. They can be your teacher, any family member or even a friend. Starting from my school life to my graduation, there are a number of people I am thankful to. Everyone taught me something or the other. We should take time to appreciate these people once in a while. If it was not for our gurus, we would have never achieved anything in life.
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    For me my first guru was my parent. My father was well talented and he used to talk sense. His chiding and talking tough against us always stood as the stepping stone for the success. My mother is also a guru to me. She taught how to walk, how to talk, how to behave and how to stand on own. Next comes my primary and high school teachers, who taught me the intricacies of schooling. Who can forget the teachings of college and professors who were kind enough to tell even many doubts asked after the classes. Such gurus are always remembered for their reach to us in troubled times.
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