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    Electrical two wheelers and four wheelers are the answers for pollution control

    Is India ready for electric vehicles? Will these be the solution to controlling pollution? Express your views in this discussion.

    Nowadays the usage of vehicles is increasing very rapidly and lot of diesel and petrol is consumed for this travel. The carbonaceous gases relieved by these vehicles are increasing the pollution in air which is making human life very difficult. Temperatures are shooting up and Ozone layer is depleting. The same trend if continues for some more years our country's capital may become a desert.

    That is why the present central government is encouraging use of electrical two wheelers and four wheelers. Famous laboratories in India are working on developing lithium ion batteries which can be used as source of energy in these vehicles. Some private corporate houses are trying to go for bulk production of these items once the technology was fail proof.

    Like petrol bunks, battery replacing shops will come on the highways so that wherever we want we can change the battery and continue our journey. They are our future vehicles.
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    We should develop the effective solar powered vehicle. We should use batteries only during the cold, winter and monsoon period. Would be very nice if our scientists work hard to run vehicles with sea water as fuel(not joking)without emitting any smoke. Alternatively, they should work out the means and methods to run a vehicle with compressed air. Everything is possible if our scientists give a good thought to it.
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    The concept of using electrical two wheeler and four wheeler is yet to take off for various reasons. I have seen people owning electrical two wheeler and four wheeler. My relative was owning one. He used to recharge the same daily and the vehicle would go at the speed of 40 km per hour and no pillion can be taken for ride. And when it rains, the battery discharges immediately and he cannot go for recharging or any replacement of battery. Ultimately he has to dispose it for a pittance. Like wise one four wheeler was owned by my friend. The car was brought from Bengaluru and it worked well. But suddenly it used to have the break downs on the city main roads much to the annoy of the owner and the other vehicle users. The car was looking like Tata Nano and it cannot carry many passengers. So what I insists that much power must be given to the electrical vehicles with standby batteries so that the user wont be let down.
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    World wide attempts are being made to make electrical vehicles popular day by day but due to various logistics reasons these things are not picking up with the anticipated speeds.

    In electrical cars the main battery is to be replaced after certain km ( generally in the range of 50-80 km) and that is the main concern as there are no battery providing stations like petrol/diesel filling stations. So it will take a long time to have that convenience available to the user. The running cost of electrical vehicles is low but cost of acquiring these is almost equal to petro/diesel cars.

    The scientists in many countries are busy in doing research in hydrogen powered vehicles using the most abundant commodity water but it will take time to reach that big goal.

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    The idea is very good to use electric cars rather than petrol-diseal cars and other vehicles and it will be like icing on the cake if these cars are solar powered. But in a country like India it is not that efficient solution for now since we are a developing nation and hence don't have much resourse to invest in scientific research like this but for now our focus is rather on bringing the social backwardness, superstitons and other atrocities in our society.
    In developed nations its a debate to use these cars now because they have overcame most of other atrocities of there society and there only focus now is scientific research but in developing nations it is a debate for future.

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    The main point here is a new type of batteries which can be recharged known as lithium ion batteries are almost at the advanced stage of development. Once they are available it will bring a revolution in electric cars. Presently the bigger capacity of this type of batteries are used in underwater weapon system.
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    The views expressed by #602924 and #602933 are practical and excellent. Even the government of India does not support the electrical and hybrid cars. Our beloved finance minister has put (28 % GST+ 15 cess=43% tax ) on hybrid cars. What is a hybrid car? A hybrid car is one which uses both the energy from petrol/diesel and battery. Maruti ciaz is an example of a hybrid car. I personally wanted to buy a hybrid car but now after 43% tax-No.
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