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    'No Action' is the action to solve some problems.

    We will be facing many problems in our life and we think and take appropriate action to solve the problem. But in some cases wait and watch policy may solve the problems without any effort from our side.

    Mr.P.V.Narasimha Rao our Ex. Prime Minister used to adopt this policy for solving many problems and this policy has made him successful in solving many problems except one that is Babri Masjid problem.

    In the Organisations also when there are more political unions some critical problems will-be arising. In these cases both the unions will get involved and complain against each other to Management. In majority of cases the problem will get solved by wait aha watch policy. But some times it may happen that the problem will get aggravated and it willbe a good chance to management to lock out the organisation so that workers will understand the difficulties in living without salary. In any case no loss to the management.

    So wait and watch policy may be good for solving many problems.
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    Wait and watch policy may not always works out to be good. When two or more groups are fighting for a cause, keeping aside the decision would be good as the demand would subsidize after a short or long protest. But there are some decisions which needs to be taken when highlighted. For example the measures concerning to safety and security of employees or some emergency repairs to building where the office and factories are located. And on the part of workers union , they should also understand the reality in their demands. For example if the company is running into losses, and there is no future orders, how come they demand increased pay or even bonus during festive seasons. I have seen some sensible workers of a company in Hyderabad which was not doing well since three years and yet they are working without even demanding the salary and now the company got government orders and they are paying the arrears of salaries too.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I agree with what author says sometimes its best to just watch from a distance rather than doing something.
    Because No situation is big or small it is our reactions to that situation which makes it big or small so we should first analyse a situation and than decide our action wether we need to do something or not as our reactions can aggravate or aggrandise a already rough situation rather than placating it.

    "It is hardest thing in the world to be good thinker without being a good self examiner"

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