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    Which Antivirus do you use Free or Paid version?

    Currently i am using Avast free antivirus 2017 for my home windows pc. Previously i used many antivirus programs free as well paid. Only paid version, i used was kaspersky. It was good.
    I am thinking to buy some antivirus as i don't want to risk my pc and data and reinstall my windows again. Currently kaspersky is available on amazon for 330rs. 1pc, 1 year. I want to buy some antivirus for low price.
    Which antivirus do you use Free or Paid?
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    Don't use free antivirus programs as they are just show off.
    On scanning they will track plenty of viruses but none of them will be too risky and also the most vulnerable one will remain hidden and it will damage the overall process. It fails to track Trojans and modern day viruses.

    Just go for paid version of antivirus programs as they carry lots of other benefits along with protecting your computer. They are reliable and can protect your computer for the whole year.

    If you are planning to buy an antivirus software then definitely go for NPAV. It is Indian developed antivirus and is very good. It carry all the features which you get with Kaspersky or Norton. And one more interesting feature which this antivirus carry is it's update files. The updates files are of very small size so you don't have to wait for long to get it updated and your limited internet data will also will not be wasted.

    There are various variants available for this software and each will cost you differently. If you buy only the NPAV PC protector except internet then it will cost around 200 to 300. As you go on adding features the cost will go on increasing. I currently have overall PC protector which cost around 500 and it saves my PC from all vulnerability. It keeps a check on emails, pendrives, firewalls etc. It also have amazing customer care facility.
    This is best one which you can get and being an Indian you must support this startup and go for it.

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    It has become imperative for every computer user whether it is desk top or the lap top, to have the anti virus protection and for that one has to spend for the real versions instead of depending on free down loads. Free wares are available plenty on the internet and they steal our data even when the computer is off. The way they scan and give some alerts as to having stopped some malware and blocked it is nothing but attention seeking method of those free wares and we believe them. But many a time our system crashes as the main components of our data are stolen and lost without even knowing to us. So when you are purchasing costly desk top and lap tops, you must also be ready to invest in real soft wares. Even some people are not purchasing the real windows and installing the copied version which is wrong.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    I had started protection for my desktop PC by using AVG free edition. Then I use paid versions of Norton and Bit Defender. Those were times when I depended on the computer service people and had to follow what they recommended .
    However for last more than 5 years, am using Kaspersky Internet Security. I am fully satisfied with them. I buy the programme directly from vendor or buy online. My experience is that their technical support in case of need is good. They have guided me on some occasions either by advising on phone, email or even doing the rectification by taking the remote mode also.

    The only minus I find is that the updates are data consuming and they slow down and affect other works during update process.

    I was suggested about NPAV. But as I am fully satisfied with Kaspersky I have chose to stay with it.

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    AVG has slowed down my PC. Donno what to use.
    Best Regards,
    Earcna Entriken

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    I mostly prefer to use Symantec endpoint protection which is best and no issue on laptop till date but with other software like AVG I have bad experience.

    As written pc got slow . Can not control virus fully etc.

    Santosh Kumar Singh
    (Sr. Microsoft Dynamics Axapta Technical,Mumbai)

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    Before Avast free version, I was using Avg free version for year but due to some installation error it was not updating. Hence i removed avg and installed avira antivirus and later avast free. Possibly i will buy kaspersky over suggested NPAV means net protector antivirus.

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