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    Do you think free offers provided by companies will increase their business many folds?

    Reliance introduced 4G Data free for six months last year and it continued its offers in several ways afterwards. At present 125 millions Data using customers are there for Reliance company which is considered to be the highest for any Net Work. After this Mr. Ambani wants to introduce 4G Jio Phone for rupees zero only after paying an initial installment for Rs.1500 which will be returned back after 3 years. He wants to reach his wonderful 4G Featured Mobile Smart phone to 50 crore people. After his initial success in 4G Data business it appears to be certain he is going to succeed in this venture also. With his intelligent business not only he is reaching top position in the world business arena and also he is promoting in improvising use of modern Technology by large masses of people in India. So folks do you think to reach top notch in business, business people have to take a cue from Mr.Ambani?
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    These competitions of mobile companies may benefit public initially but ultimately this will lead to bad bank NPAs.
    Telecom industry is on the verge of default. Its borrowings are amount to Rs 8 L Crores.
    Now,Govt is trying to extend the tenure of loans to 40 years to ease the payment. I consider it as bad decision.
    NPAs should be treated as criminal activity.Govt should act tough.

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    First of all the cell phone Industries are facing cut throat competition on daily basis and they have to churn out new schemes and policies to be in the race. If you can remember when Reliance was first introduced I paid 24,000 as the three year advance for the instrument and connection and enjoyed the service for three years without billing. Of course the awareness of cell phone was not much and not everyone could afford to have one. Now the fight is between Airtel and Reliance across the country. And also PM Modi wants Make in India products to be in center stage and try to avoid any products or services from other countries. So taking cue from it Reliance has now launched their own hand set with 4 G support with zero pricing. But no business man does anything for free. There may be some hidden agenda to charge from customers in future. However Reliance can hold their customers without shifting to other service providers.
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    It is like dumping cheap Chinese products, which is killing our manufacturing sector. Similarly, RelianceJio will also kill other competitors from the market and finally it will become a monopoly. Then it will start to charge the customers in its own way as there won't be any option of changing to other networks. By that time, all might have eliminated from the market.
    As Neeraj said, other telecom companies' loans might become NPAs, putting huge pressure on banks and the total economy as a whole.

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    It is a bad strategy to offer free sops to people and making indirectly the other competitors to go out of business. This kind of foul play is going on in India in many field. The make in India program is good to promote industry in India. But that should not make the existing Indian players to die. As mentioned by other authors our manufacturing industry is suffering a lot because of cheap products from China. Added to that this cut throat competition is a enemy for Industry growth. Tatas are about to close their teleservices wing. The teleservices industry is really in a bad shape already. Now this kind of activities by Reliance may create further problems to the industry in Particular and country's financial position in general. These things are to be viewed by Central Government and act tough, I feel.
    Ultimately once the monopoly comes the rates will go up and already habituated people has to pay very higher money for the services. Short term gains are not to be considered as good. We should view the effect on long term

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    As things stand now:
    Reliance has to be credited with its business strategy. It is a win-win situation for the company a well as the users. The numbers show the proof.Reliance was from the days of its founder a company that always thought of benefits to its shareholders ,employees and customers. Hence it grew to this stature. The only aberration was the short period after the demise of the founder and the 2008 stock market misadventure. People really doubted about the intention of the brothers and felt that they are deviating from the values of founder.The mobile communication came to be cheap only after Reliance entered the field.

    My concern for future:
    These type of promotion,free offer, extra benefits etc.will all benefit customers until when competition exists.
    Once the competition disappears and one Mega monopoly develops then that will be the end of customer benefit and customers will have to shed tears and simply comply the Big Monster as there will not be an alternative. Hope the Big fish allows small fry also to exist.

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