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    What do you think China will fight to India or issue will resolve by talk?

    What do you think China will fight to India or issue will resolve by talk? As nowadays lot of tension at border of India,China and Bhutan.
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    Santosh Kumar Singh
    For any matter there is not going to be even small skirmish forget about war. There are certain pre conditions for any exchange of large scale fire to take place between two nations.
    1. Political instability. When government in power is facing mass civil unrest then the nation prepares for war with neighbour to divert the attention. E.g. During 1962 war china was having severe domestic problems. 1972 Bangladesh war-India was having a charged political climate.
    But now party in power doesn't face that much pressure.
    2. Economic stability. Both countries are going through a transition phase in economy and don't want a war to ruin their plans.
    3. India and Chinese army have not fired a bullet for decades. The present conflict is too tiny to start a war.
    4. Both nations have no dispute in territorial positions of both sides. India has clearly said it doesn't claim any territory in Dokhlam area or in the territory were Indian troops have camped. The dispute is largely a flare up due to construction activities.
    True the rhetoric in Chinese side has increased. But that is due to a larger global issue like Silk Road issue which India remained the sole member to oppose.
    China wants to just break th Bhutan India special relationship and force Bhutan to deal directly with china.
    What is happening is stand off attrition to force the other side to give some concession.

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    I am confident that war will not come at present between China and India. Presently the priorities are different for both the countries. If they opt for war at this stage it a loss for both the countries.The economy of our country is developing and still it is to be stabilised. In China also lot of uncertainties are prevailing in their economics. At this stage war will bring down both the countries. There are some provoking statement and doings are there in media in China. This may be mainly due to the stand of India on Silk Road issue as only India is opposing this issue. Modi is trying to further strengthen the relations with Bhutan. China is not favourable for this and trying to distract Bhutan from this.
    But the situation has not gone to that level of announcing a war by any of the two countries. Bothe of them are having bitter experiences in this and no country really wants to fight each other unless the situation has very much warrants that. So let us not expect any war at this stage,

    always confident

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    Although the tension at Docala is mounting day by day, there is the remotest possibility of the two countries going for a war, even on a small scale. Both the countries are in developing stage- China being ahead in the race. They are well aware that a war will badly hamper their growth and the possibility of other countries involving, directly or indirectly cannot be ruled out.
    In my opinion, it is nothing but a tactics of China for creating some psychological pressure on India while India is not ready to bow down to the pressure and ready to do everything to defend the sovereignty and integrity of our motherland.
    Both the countries are also aware that war is no solution to a problem and therefore, they would certainly come on the negotiation table sooner or later.

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    Armed confrontation is not a permanent solution to any problem. It is only by discussion and negotiation with a sincere and open minded approach to problems and a sense of mutual accommodation and respect that problems can be solved. There should be a feeling of win-win.
    War can only aggravate matters and cause immense harm to the sides involved.

    China is feeling concerned by the increasing attention,acceptability and respectability India gets among international community. China knows and is really afraid that India's gain especially in the economic development and self reliance will be a setback to its market. It is viewing with doubts and concern the rising feeling of self respect and people's campaign against Chinese product in this country. If 'Make in India' becomes a success, then China will be the first one to be affected maximum.

    The present actions by China is to scare India by loud mouthing its inflated might and distract India's focus from economic development and self reliance.
    I hope that proper sense will prevail with China and it will assess things very realistically knowing that it has many aggrieved neighbours who were kept bulldozed by China until now.

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    What I understand that there is no reason for China considering a war like situation as of now. There is no face of directly with China so far and India has been maintaining decent relations with that country. What irks China is the constant sidelining of Pakistan in International fora and India's complaint to other countries regarding Pakistan terror activities in Indian soil has made those countries to think negatively and even US has imposed further sanctions on Pakistan. Remember for Pakistan there is no friend across the globe except for China. Please note China is fuming over banning of its products and services that were sold freely in India either too. Ever since our PM Modi coined the slogan of Make in India and asked to boycott the Chinese products including Deepavali crackers , the Chinese economy gone down. Hence China wants to take revenge against India and not certainly a war.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Dokalam is located at tri-junction connecting China, Bhutan and India near strategically important Chumbi valley in Sikkim controlled by India. India is to protect the interest of Bhutan as per bilateral treaty between these two country. Moreover, as par tripartite treaty among these three countries, no permanent construction can be made by any party in that area. By attempting to build road in Dokalam, China has violated the tripartite treaty and Bhutan has sought India's help in this regard.
    As far as I know, soldiers of 17 Mountain Div. (Black Cat Div.; HQ Gangtok) under XXXIII Corps (HQ Siliguri) has been stationed by India to prevent China to construct road in that area. This is strategically very important for India for future build-up at Chumbi valley and to protect Siliguri Chicken's Neck.
    China knows it very well that the present India is not Nehru's India of 1962. The possibility of further escalation at Dokalam is negligible. Even if it happens, India is fully prepared to face it. Moreover, China's huge trade interest in India and international opinion in favour of India will work against China in case of escalation.

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    China is not considering India as an enemy. Their ambitions are very high. They are targeting the mighty United States., we rightly call as "world police".
    It is illegal to build artificial islands on the sea under international maritime law. China is completed the construction of an artificial island on South China sea that appear designed to house long range surface to Air missiles. These waters carry almost one third of maritime traffic. Many countries have claims on these waters. But none of them are powerful enough to take on Chinese military and have to rely on US and its political support.
    This development raises the questions on US superiority in that region.
    China is exploiting a loophole in the law that they built the island on natural reef.
    As long as China allows unfettered passage of all shipping, everything will be ok. Any fire on any vessels becomes a real battle, making that area a flash point.

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    I think till the Modi ji is our prime minister we are confident war will not happen but if it will happen then India will able to tackle the situation and will give best fight with them and sure will win then fight. Next time china will never try fight again.

    Anyway lot of good discussion you all shared here and now topic is being more interested. Pakistan and China are friends but India have many friends like US,Rashiya,Israiel,bhutan etc. If required then they will also with India.

    So Modiji is not only going to out country only for visit due to visit India able to get many more friends.

    Santosh Kumar Singh
    (Sr. Microsoft Dynamics Axapta Technical,Mumbai)

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