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    The burning issues our country is facing today

    What are the major issues India faces today? Do you have a concrete idea to get a particular issue resolved?

    Ours is a developing country. But there are many hindrances on way to our development. There are economical problems like poverty, unemployment, social problems like illiteracy, racism and political problems like anti-government movements in J&K and West Bengal, the hostile attitude of some neighbouring countries along with many other internal and external problems. All these problems are blocking our roads and trying to deviate us from the path of development.

    In spite of these various problems, the country is on the path of steady progress. However, these problems cannot be overlooked and some solutions are needed to all of them.

    Had you been given the reins of power for some days, which problem would you like to solve on priority basis and what would be your roadmap to achieve your goal?
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    Can we all agree that population explosion is the mother of all troubles in India?
    Well now we've marked our prey. How to hunt it down? Haven't the government been trying to make public vigile about this problem since independence?
    We've tried every possible method to arrest this problem but of no use.
    Now, even the kids in rural areas can name the
    contraceptive methods available.
    Did education work then? Absolutely not.
    If a graph is drawn,education against population, it would show a steady increase in recent years.
    Forced family plannings didn't work either.
    Then how are we going to put an end to this problem?
    A strict policy or fining the family for having more than one child should help. Because, when education fails, force passes.
    This will lead to employment, equal distribution of resources, food abundance, rise in literacy rates etc..;
    If I had reins in my hands this is how I'd proceed.

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    If I am given the reins of power for some days, surely a definite solution on Kashmir issue would have been my priority. Because the whole peace of the Nation is stolen by this single state in which some non state actors are in favor of Pakistan but staying in our soil. Next agenda would be tackling unemployment problems forth with. All the private companies would be advised to take maximum staff and let the pay be less. The difference amount if any would be footed by the government as the support to the company and the candidate. The housing problem would be tackled by going for massive public private partnership on bigger town ship where in every Aadhaar card holder would get a decent flat at a subsidized rate based on the cost of land and construction in that area. Likewise many problems would be sorted out and attended.
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    A very nice question from the author. As explained by the author India is facing many problems. All these problems are mainly due to policies of Government in dealing with the issues. All Indian citizens would have similar rights. But the rules varies for religion to religion under the guise of Democratic country. All the problems started there only. So the first problem to be attacked. Irrespective of their religion, caste and creed all should have same rules and regulations. This rule should be brought in.
    The vote politics are to be changed. A minimum education qualification in addition to age restrictions to be implemented. The legal policy of India should be changed. Culprits should be punished at the earliest. There should not be any delay in punishing the culprit . No bail system If this line is implemented criminal activities come down and we can concentrate on other issues..

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    If I get the reins of power for sometime I will try to remove the concept of reservation only for some people which is on the basis of cast and relegion completely from our constitution, and reintroduce it on the basis of income and poverty this too for a short time period with the provision of its revision within a certain timeperiod.
    This concept was once introduced for the social upliftment of one group of the society which was once considerd downtrodden but is now getting misused and now has become reason of hoplessness, despiration and agony among the youth of India.
    It is a concept which was once formulated to reduce the drift between two groups of the society which it did in its early years , but than it become a pupet in the hand of ministers who only played votebank politics, and thus it was misused, and instead of reducing this drift between two groups this concept has created a trench between these two groups.

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    Greed to possess more and more for self and the future generation is the key to all problems. We should try and find the means and methods to remove the word greed from our mind. If I get the reigns of power, I would close all the sub registrar offices located in India, and stop real estate business. All the vacant land will be made available to the homeless people. There won't be any buying and selling of lands. I will impose restrictions to own immovable properties viz the house and land. If we can do this, all things will be set right in India.
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    Nomitra mitra
    The thread raised has certainly described the pertinent problems facing the country.
    Let me first start by the problems mentioned by you. Before going to solutions we must delve upon the the understanding of the problems.
    This problem is by no doubt a plaguing problem in our country. Leaders from Nehru to Modi have put in Lakhs of crores of Rupees from Government exchequer to bring people out of poverty. But still Poverty remains the biggest issue in domestic issues. The main problem is economists throughout the world have tried to understand it but have still not been able to reach a convincing consensus of "what is poverty?" and "who is poor?". Both marxist and liberal economist have tried to determine the cause with varied explanation. But both liberal and Marxist conclude that historical oppression is a major reason to it.
    Coming to India Government has set several committees like Rangarajan, Tendulkar to determine the poverty. But each commite have failed to give any concrete results. Defining poverty in India is far more problematic than elsewhere.
    Considering these difficulties the method chosen to bring people out of poverty is also very much complex. In government circles 2 popular solution is being suggested. The Bhagawathi economics has preferred a more liberal approach where by country must focus on increasing the production of natural resources thereby increasing wealth and bringing more people out of poverty. But Amartya Sen has slight left leaning by describing as poverty reduction by making people more acces to certain basic goods like "education, access to food and clothing".
    Government of India has followed both approaches according to needs. While schemes like MGNEGA, NRLM. JNNURM etc. follow Sen economics and schemes like start up India, Jan Shan Yojana, garibh Kalyan abhiyan etc follow Bhagawathi economics.
    But both have failed to give tangible results because in India poverty is very much linked to social causes without addressing social heriarchies in society poverty reduction is near to impossible. Gandhian economics, development of panchayat raj, can help to some extent.

    This problem has risen "presently" due to transition nature of economy. Indian economy is being pushed by Government to become manufacturing oriented from service oriented. But in foreign countries automation is going on. The demand for goods is falling down. Unemployment has direct linkage to Maoism, millitancy. The iright approach must be specialisation, self reliance jobs, sustainable development and providing India specific social goods. The unemployment in agriculture is directly linked to Green revolution. It has changed the socio economic relationship between the tiller and land lord , marginal farmers . The solution lies in agricultural cooperatives, post harvest technologies at village level, and rural development. The manufacturing sector jobs can be improved by specialisation and human resource development.
    India needs to increase research spending and link university with industry to develop high level jobs. Self reliance must be given precedence over self sufficiency.
    Employment generation is not linked to growth in India which is a negative aspect. GDP must align with employment rate. Some non economic goods can be capitalised in tribal areas by tribal people with government held.
    As millitancy is developmental problem in India solution to social evils stops millitancy. The security forces must depend more on local intelligence than field agents to effectively deal the maoism.

    Aditya Mohan
    We cannot penalise reproduction. Reproductive rights is very basic to every human being. We can educate them and advise but never coerce. First population is not the actual problem. The reality is economic difference. When top 30 % people enjoy 60 % of GDP then the real problem is economic redistribution in effectiveness. This is clearly accounted by economic survey. If we Coerce, then the inverted pyramid population issues in countries like Japan may plague us which is more difficlut to solve as it requires automation and huge drain on resources.

    Dr. Srinivasa Rao.
    The uniform civil code concept cannot be implemented in India. India has region specific cultural variations were some cultural events may even look barbaric to some. E.g. Jallikattu. SC considers it barbaric but TN people worship it. We cannot have uniform law throughout our nation?
    Reservation policy is a very powerful tool in social empowerment but many don't understand it clearly which become a problem. First in India reservation is for socio economic empowerment and not mere upliftment of economic disabilities. Still in rural India some group of people are not given acces to common goods like well, irrigation facilities. etc. It is not about money. Someone may have crores of rupees but when socially excluded his life becomes meaningless.
    In India sc st reservation is for social upliftment mainly and obc reservation for economic disabilities.
    I don't wish to go into details but this fundamental difference in our policy is from our constitution.
    I may have missed many issues. But finally human problems has solutions and will power is needed.

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    Thank you very much for analysing the problems our country has been facing and the reasons behind them.
    However, our main topic of discussion should revolve around the main causes of the problems and their remedies.

    In my view, poverty, education and unemployment are the three major problems that need immediate solution. All these problems are inter-linked.

    Over-population is the root cause of most of these problems and in order to get rid of them our country should concentrate on controlling population.

    There are many causes of population increase. During the partisan and the Bangladesh war there was large influx of refugees increasing our population manifold. Illiteracy also played a major role in the increase.

    Hence, the problem of population should be tackled on priority basis. People should be taught the adverse effect of over population and if needed, firm rules should be framed. Once this problem comes under control, the other problems would automatically come down considerably.

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