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    The new detention policy for 5th and 8th standard. Will all states agree to it ?

    The Union HRD Ministry has the proposal sent to the states which implies that those students who are studying in 5th and 8th standard, has to go for a test in March every year and if pass , he shall go to further classes and if he fails, he will be again given chance in May with other candidates. If the student wont clear even in May , then the he will be detained in same class. Either too the education was not strict up to the class of 8th and the candidates were promoted to other classes without much effort and now they have to prove. Any comment on this ?
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    It will be a very wise move. When we were in school, every class we have to clear in the first step only. There is no second chance also. Even if they fail in one subject also, they have to repeat the same class for the next year. Later on When Kasu Brahmananda Reddy was the Chief Minister, the system of detention was stopped. Only 7th class you have to clear Once you clear 7th you are sure of going to 10th. This has brought down the standards of education . Nobody concentrate on studies. Examination system is made easy.
    To bring back the standards in education and see that only persons with knowledge and interest only will come up, I support this move by all means. I don't know whether the states will agree for this or not. But I am sure the systems will improve and standards will also improve. In fact not only in 5th and 8th, starting from 5th class, students should clear all the classes then only the should be sent to next class. This system is going to give many important developments in the whole system itself.

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    To bring back the standards in education system, to improve the knowledge and interest, I support this move by all means. In fact not only in 5th and 8th, starting from 5th class, there should be detention in every class.
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