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    Who will be successful if they get into politics? Kamalahasan or Rajnikanth

    Dear Members,
    Most of the actors from Indian cine field, especially from Tamil cinema, have a desire to get into politics. Many have already become MLAs and MPs, and few have become Chief Ministers of a state. MGR(Actress) and Jayalalitha(actor) and Mr. K karunanidhi(Script writer) are from the film field.

    In the present scenerio, Mr. Rajnikanth and Mr. Kamalahasan are the hot cakes to be eaten by the politics.

    Let us just discuss: Who will be the best among these two Superstars of Tamil cinema who will prove to be a good politician by their conduct, character and behaviour? Explain with reason.
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    Though many politicians have come from the world of movies in Tamil Nadu, it is MGR who is the pet and worship of Tamil Nadu people.
    Though Jayalalitha tied to imitate MGR and claimed that she is the heir to his political path, she could not reach anywhere near that.
    Rajnikant and Kamalhasan also cannot recreate the MGR miracle. I do not think any of them will become successful political leader.

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    I do not see any of them being a successful candidate for the post of CM in Tamil Nadu. All these years these to great stars were away from politics and they were not siding anyone fearing back lash. Now that Jayalalithaa is dead and Karunanidhi is in bed, these two stars are making bid to come in to politics. By the way the Tamil Nadu voters are not fool. They are already fuming and repenting the way the situation was handled by the AIADMK post Jaya's death. They want a formidable party which can assure development and not benefit to heroism. This time they are going to choose BJP to power and that is for sure.
    K Mohan
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    Unfortunately, there are no good leaders from BJP in Tamilnadu. They are trying to find out a popular figure to lure the voters. They are trying to pull in Mr. Rajnikanth for that purpose. Survival of ADMK is difficult due to confusion in their camp. DMK is canvassing and trying to rope in Kamalhasan.

    No life without Sun

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    Rajinikanth and Kamalhasan . Both are very very popular in Tamilnadu and all other parts of South India. They are popular to some extent all over India. South Indians especially Tamils and Telugus are hero worshippers. They like whatever their hero says. keeping this point in view only Chiranjeevi has started a new party and had a bitter experience. People are intelligent but some upcoming politicians without understanding the minds of people paid huge money to get seat in his party and ultimately lost the election. But Chiranjeevi made good use of party and sold it to Congress for a MP seat. This is how a rich man will become more rich.
    Now it is the turn of Tamil Nadu. I think there also people will have become intelligent now and they can differentiate between silverscreen life and political life. So I doubt very much no one of the two will win the election if they start a new party. But if they are pulled into any of the existing parties there may be a little swing towards those parties. But it is not going to be a deciding factor. Bjp may come into power but they have given away their big man in south India to constitutional posts and I don't know who can lead that party in South India now.
    I remember that Mr. Venkiah Naidu was sent to Tamilnadu when there was big problem between the to groups of AIADMK. As mentioned by Mr.Sun, if Rajinikanth goes to BJP and Kamal Haasan to DMK, the effect will be null and void. But if both of them are coming to BJP o DMk, that party will have an advantage.

    always confident

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    Nowadays, there won't be any scope for cinema stars in politics if they come with a new party. Existing parties won't allow other new parties to survive. We know that all the existing parties will have their associate media. These media people will tarnish the image of the new party before its birth itself. The so called MGR and NTR, who had thumping wins when there was single party regimes, would have won hardly 2 or 3 seats if they have floated their parties now.

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    I personally feel that no filmstar can improve the socio-economic condition of people of the country. Although the filmstars can win elections because of their popularity, they can't do anything constructive. So far as West Bengal politics is concerned, many filmstars have of late joined politics and have become MPs and MLAs. But their contribution is next to zero.
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    BJP can induce and rope in some disgruntled leaders of both AIADMK, DMK and even some strong opposition parties to its side and thus become a formidable party to believe and trust. No more the voters would trust the AIADMK and DMK as they have done enough damage to the state all these years. One thing Tamil Nadu voters know that a strong center can only bail out the state from the problems being faced by it. If the voters show hostility towards BJP for no reason, then the losers are the Tamil Nadu people. This is the time they brace up and come out with clear vision for themselves for the future.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Gone are those days where Cine stars are worshiped and crowned in the elections where there were no alternative to the ruling parties. The era of MGR was different who emerged as a popular leader under the mentor-ship of Anna Durai. The political situation in TN made Jayalalita to rise to power and Mrs. Janaki Ramachandran was totally overshadowed by her. We all know about the creation of TDP by NTR another cine idol from South and the desperate people of Andhra accepted his leadership when the Congress high command used to dump its nominees as CM till 1983 (and the period 1978-83 has seen four nominated CMs).

    But the scenario is different. Chiranjeevi the Mega hero of the Telugu movies failed to convert his popularity into votes and just helped the Congress lead by YSR to return to power in 2009. Vijaykanth in TN also another failure and same is the case with late Shivaji Ganeshan in Karnataka. Same would be the case with both the heroes of TN and it may work out, if they choose to join BJP as the Modi wave in the country is still swinging and people of TN are fed up with the political crisis in the state.


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