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    Flaws in Indian education system - A reason of prosperity of coaching centers in India.

    It is a common debate from years that Indian education system is not good and doesn't provide any practical knowledge but is all about passing examinations at school and college level.
    But what after completion of school and college education?
    There is a whole brigade of educated students among whom most of the students has cleared these different level of school and college with distinction, but are now stucked.
    These students are unable to make decision what to do next?
    As there education is completely useless in practical scenario.
    So they are going towards only option left coaching institutes, these coaching institutes provide them a hope of a prosperous and wonderfull future.
    But we all know that even in these coaching institutes hopes are just for top 5-10% students who are willing to put everything behind thwir aims. And rest of the students becomes regular customers of these coachibg institutes which are actually all about buisness and sell hopes to students.
    But the reason behind all this is the problems in our education system which are causing the buisness of these institutes to flourish everyday and youngsters becoming prey to these buisness giants.
    Although there are many good things about these institures but the way they are increasing in number can be more disasterous.
    The solution to all the problem is improvement in our education system to impart knowledge to the youth of the nation which helps them to find a right direction for themselves.
    What are your views about coaching institutes?
    And what according to you are reasons for their prosperity?
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    I do not agree with the author that there are flaws in education system and that is forcing the students and parents to consider giving extra coaching to the child. If the school or college is having the right curriculam and with dedicated teaching staff, nothing can stop from hogging limelight performance wise. It has become fashion for the parents to send the child for tuition and coaching classes as being working parents, they do not have the time to dedicate for teaching to their own wards. For my children, we never gave coaching or tuition. We both myself and my wife were totally involved with their studies and gave one step ahead guidance from the home itself which made our child performing well in class and then in academics. It all depends on the children as to how best they have the listening ability at the classes and how best they perform by keeping what ever said in class by the teachers.
    K Mohan
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    Education in coaching institutes is only to get a good rank in their entrance exam and secure a seat in a good college . There also students are made to memorise the topics and remember the important points so that they can fare well in the end exam and entrance test. They are not imparting any good points in their minds. Ultimately the aim of these colleges is to get good ranks to their students and attract more students for the next year by showing this years achievements. But they are not teaching any new syllabus or practical approaches or on job training. So corporate colleges are not the answers to rectify the flaws in our education system. Practical oriented education with on job training is the need of the hour. So all the educationists who are at the helm of affairs should think and from a committee with persons from industry also as members, The committee has to study the present education system completely and offer their recommendations for updating the curriculum of each class so that the students coming out will be useful for the country's development.
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